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Brix's Guide to Sigil

The Spiral Cathedral
Border of the Lady's and Lower Ward

When a faith first comes to Sigil, it rarely has the clout or the connections to establish its own proper temple. However, that doesn't mean that there is no place for the poor, bewildered priests that arrive in the City of Doors. Provided they are resourceful and persistent enough, they will most likely end up at the Spiral Cathedral (the fact that there is a city ordnance outlawing unlicensed public proselytising might also help).

Located on the border between the Lady's and Lower Wards, the Spiral Cathedral is a sprawling dome-like mound made from an unknown quantity of shrines, chapels, sanctoriums, churches, and other worshipping structures all piled on top of one another. The lower areas near the street level are the oldest, most-cramped and least-safe of the Cathedral; this is where most faiths establish themselves at first. This section of the Cathedral is filled with stalls, podiums and alcoves from which the blaring exhortations of dozens of sermonisers can be heard, all hoping to amass enough money and followers to move higher up on the Cathedral.

If you continue walking upwards following the three spiralling paths that gives the Cathedral its name, you will arrive at the second stage of the structure. The accommodations here are a bit more spacious and not as run-down as those on the base, mainly because faiths here are able to call upon their few regular worshippers to help with maintenance, or at the very least contribute a tithe so that labourers can be hired. The area here is not as noisy as lower down, although the combination of ceremonies, religious processions, and constant renovations that take place sometimes creates a din that rivals the cacophony found on the first level.

The majority of faiths never make it past the second stage of the Cathedral, simply because they are too obscure to appeal to more than a few, selected worshippers. Occasionally however, persistence and skilful manoeuvring is rewarded with a bit of luck, and a faith manages to establish itself around the Proving Point, the area at the summit where the spiralling paths meet. The faiths here are still not popular enough to move out of the Cathedral, but at least they are able to welcome their followers in the quiet comfort of actual temples.

While there are too many minions, godlings, saints and quasi-deities being worshipped at the Spiral Cathedral to list exhaustively, here are a few samples that will illustrate in more detail what you can find here:

The Shrine of Djo'ee: Found on the first level, this Shrine is in fact a hut made of woven reeds, which is appropriate since Djo'ee is a god of basketweaving. Instead of haranguing passers-by to increase Djo'ee's fame, the sole priest of this Shrine has decided to promote his faith by creating the best wares possible. Apart from a few merchants that come to trade with Lionel (Prime / male human / P5 / CG), no one pays attention to him.

The Chapel of St. Kargoth: This sombre Chapel on the first level is dedicated to St. Kargoth, the foul king of the death knights and proxy of an Abyssal lord. Apparently, that lord was recently deposed, and the rival power that has taken its place is determined to use all available means to purge any trace of the former lord. Understandably, the two priestesses in charge of the Chapel are quite worried, and have gone into hiding for the last three months. The only thing that has kept thieves away is the rumour of gruesome Abyssal curses awaiting anyone who despoils the Chapel.

The Ashram of Ravanna: This quiet, unassuming little place on the second level was constructed in honour of the lord of the mysterious rakshasas, Ravanna. While the incense and ornate decorations make the Ashram appear the perfect place to meditate and relax, it would be wise to remember that the "forgotten fiends" are masters at deception. No one has officially claimed ownership of the Ashram, and maintenance is assured by a team of deaf, blind and mute labourers. There is also some speculation as to who worships at the Ashram, since all rakshasas are rumoured to have been banished to the Prime for some offence against the powers.

Ning Gable's Door: This simple iron door is set on a side passage that connects with one of the spiralling paths that winds up the Cathedral. No one knows what lies beyond the door, or to what power the temple inside is dedicated to. All that is known is that any repairs needed in the area are promptly paid for by someone who signs "Ning Gable".

The Crystalline Vault: Normally, this small but elegant shrine to Crystalle, the Mineral Archomental, should be situated much lower down than its present location on the second level. Fortunately for Most Glittering High Priest Lumarth (Planar / male dwarf / P4 / Free League / LN), the Vault is supported by two very prosperous earth genasi jewellers who are happy to contribute a part of their wealth to the faith. The Vault is often the target of opportunistic thieves, but no one has yet managed to penetrate the numerous defences devised by Lumarth.

Vakkan's Fortress: Located on the third level, this grim temple appears more like a small keep, which is appropriate since it is dedicated to Vakkan Ten-Slayer, god of weapons, war and rape. Vakkan is primarily worshipped by mercenaries who participate in the Blood War; as the intensity of the War varies, so does the influence of the faith, although it never wanes enough to threaten the Fortress' position in the Cathedral.

The Cosmic Sphere: This bizarre shrine on the third level appears as a hollow metallic sphere with a diameter of 50 feet. No entrances are needed because the Sphere is consecrated to Ardrian, patron god of explorers and mind mages (called psionicists by learned sages); as such, worshippers are expected to find their own way inside. While Ardrian's portfolio is extremely specialised, Sigil's unique planar situation ensures that there is always enough worshippers in the city to maintain the faith's status.


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