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This little contraption relays messages to me via astral streakers and unseen servants, wherever I might be in the Planes. Useful little trick, I'm sure you'll agree. Unless I'm at the Spire, then I'll hear your message pretty quick. If it's needed, I usually reply within a few days, but when there's pit fiends baying for my blood I've been known to keep quiet for a bit longer.

Et Voila!Some questions I'm asked more often than others. To save those poor streakers from flapping around needlessly, I've recorded the answers here on the Mimir. Before you send a message, please glance at the questions below and check you're not asking one of those...

Otherwise, I'll look forward to your chant...

Frequently Asked Questions...
Where can I find the Fonts you use?
How do you do your Graphics?
Are you still updating the Mimir site?
Any plans to make [xxx] into a downloadable File?
How do I join the Planescape Mailing List?

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Or send an astral streaker to jon-/-at-/-mimir-/-dot-/-net


Frequently Answered Questions

Where can I find the Fonts you use?

There are dozens of fonts in use all over the site. I can't remember what they're all called. To list them all would take forever, and this is a Planescape site, not a font resource. If I can find 'em online, it can't be that hard! Besides, I use a Mac, so I've converted all of 'em to Mac format for my own use.

There are three fonts any respectable Planescaper should know about. Visitation is a font that looks a lot like the one TSR uses in the PS books. It's not identical, but it looks okay on the screen. Exocet Heavy and Exocet Light are the fat and thin fonts that are used in PS books. Printed they look fantastic, but they're a bit lousy on the screen. The Mimir site uses Visitation in text, and Exocet in graphic titles.

You can get the Visitation font here: Mac version (stuffed, 31K). PC version (zipped, 31K).

Exocet is here: Mac Version (stuffed, 39K), PC version (zipped, 39K).

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How do you do your Graphics?

The titles and much of the layout work and manipulation I do myself using Photoshop 3.0 with Extensis Phototools plugins and GraphicConverter 3.5. The latter is only available on the Macintosh. Animated GIFs are made using GifBuilder (again, a Mac-only program, though there are lots of PC-GIF animators out there). The Mimirs and metallic graphics are made by Jeremiah Golden using Truespace on a PC.

Are you still updating the Mimir Site?

The Mimir site was on hiatus from 2000-2010 due to Prime Material Plane concerns getting in the way. I'm endeavouring to fix all the broken links and so on, but adding new material... well, never say never, but at the same time, dont hold your breath!

Any plans to make [xxx] into a Downloadable File?

Take a look at the netbooks area of the site...

How do I join the Planescape Mailing List?

Send an email message to the computer at:

...with no subject and the main body...

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