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The Revivalists

The Historians, The Backwards,
The Good-Old-Daydreamers

Copyright 1998 by Jon Winter

NB: The Revivalists are a new sect not covered in TSR's Planescape books.

Chant Sect Philosophy

"Things ain't like they used to be, berk. I long for the good old times when folks weren't being bobbed left right and centre, and when it was safe to walk the streets of the Cage without being press-ganged into the Blood War by fiends. Ah, they were the days, when magic was great, and gold flowed through the blood of nations."

The Revivalists look back on the past as a memory of better times. They try to live to values no longer considered important by modern decadent societies, and restore greatness where they believe it is waning.

There's more than a grain of truth in their message too, though. On most prime worlds there are the remnants of once-great, shattered civilisations which, when at the peak of their power were more glorious than anything which exists now. On these worlds there are many ancient, lost spells and artifacts -- and the 'Ancestors', as the Historians call these extinct peoples, were the ones who created them.

"Blood War? There ain't no Blood War.
Why, back in
my days on Oerth, none of us ever
acknowledged a Blood War,
things made so much more sense..."

- Echolia Gray, Revivalist factotum

So, these bashers say, if you can stop the rot which sets into all things and somehow reverse it, past glories can be relived. They seek to learn how things have changed, and what impact that has had upon people. When they rediscover what it was that made the past so great then they can take action. It follows, logically, that if these Ancestors were that great, then they would be a long way towards understanding the multiverse than today's primitive thinkers.

Finally, the Revivalists have a great interest in time-travelling magic. While they rely mainly upon ancient texts and archaeological investigation of ruins, actually seeing the Ancestors first hand would be that much more rewarding. Unfortunately for their cause, time travel is a difficult and risky business. Of all the factions, however, the Revivalists know the most about this topic.

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Primary Plane of Influence

None. The Revivalists have no central base other than the Musée Arcane in Sigil, which is found in the Lady's Ward. The curatress, the controversial medusa Magnum Opus, is said to be sympathetic to their case, but she's also a fully paid-up Signer. Her sometime companion, the ruvkova Jordan, is the leader of the Revivalists, andif he's not in Sigil, a cutter can always pass a message to him through Opus.

Their sect is a small one, but its members are far-flung. At any time, most of them will be exploring somewhere or deep in research in the libraries of the Cage and beyond. Some say that Thoth's Estate (and especially the library) literally swarms with Revivalists, though this is probably an exaggeration.

Other rumours claim that the Historians have established a base on the Demiplane of Time (or Temporal Prime, as it is often called). Most scoff at this idea, but high-up Historians wear remarkably wry grins whenever this topic is mentioned to them. In any case, the Lady of Pain's restriction on chronomantic magic in the Cage makes it an infrequently talked-about subject to say the least.

Allies and Enemies

The Doomguard and Revolutionary League stand for the complete opposite of the Revivalists. While the Doomguard seek the end of the Multiverse through entropy and decay, and the Anarchists want to tear down the old order to find something purer, the Historians want to rebuild what's falling down. There is long-standing antipathy between these groups and the Revivalists. The Dustmen tend to stand against the Historians when it suits them, too.

As allies, the Revivalists can count on the Guvners, who share their love of research and libraries and the Harmonium, who appreciate their cause but disagree on the means used to achieve it.

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"They say you should listen
to your elders and betters.
Well, that means us."

- Factol Jordan of the Revivalists


All are permitted to join the sect, though a large proportion of members are wizards or priests, especially of the Powers of Learning and Wisdom.


Members have access to the extensive libraries of the sect, though readers had better come prepared! Most of the texts are of an ancient nature, and they tend to be written in the ancient languages. Historians believe that to translate to modern tongues debases the information, and colours the text with unwanted bias from the translator.

Revivalists may learn the ancient language and ancient history proficiencies free of charge. The player may choose a particular language and period of history in which to specialise.

A great deal of magical lore is contained in the stacks of the Musée Arcane, from ancient spells and prayers, to information on legendary magical items of the planes. These magically-warded rooms are not open to the casual browser. Members can, for a small fee, hire Historian sages to identify magical items, or attempt to do so themselves. This should cost at most half the amount usually charged for the identify spell, and tends to provide information on who owned the item and its legendary effects.

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Besides having to wear hopelessly unfashionable clothes, Historians are slow to accept new ways of doing things. They must earn 5% more experience points to advance in level than other characters.

Historians characters each have several favourite traditions and habits to which they cling. Such things might include always smoking a pipe after a meal, or using the name 'Concordant Opposition' instead of 'Outlands', because it's what the plane used to be called by some obscure Prime civilisations. Players are encouraged to be creative.

Extra The Factol

Jordan was born a proud member of the brajeti tribe of ruvoka on the quasiplane of Dust. Like most of his kindred, he became a warrior/druid.

After a bitter war with an army of dune stalkers, the brajeti felt they must relocate the tribe to a less dangerous place. A tribal council was held, and all brajeti save one agreed that going to the plane of Earth was the wisest course of actions. The one dissenter was Jordan.

Jordan resisted the change the war had brought about. The Quasiplane of Dust was the rightful home of the brajeti, and a change in this fundamental aspect could only lead to disaster, he thought. He alone remained behind when the tribe picked up and moved to the Elemental Plane of Earth. He washed his hands of the actions of his tribe, and considers the brajeti to be extinct. The brajeti currently reside on the plane of Earth. They have had some problems, particularly with dao slavers, but for the most part have not fallen to disaster. Jordan no longer considers this tribe to be the "true" brajeti.

Eventually, Jordan wanted to study more about the brajeti's great history in the plane of Dust. He hoped to be able to revive the tribe once again, and will fully accept members of the brajeti who return from the Earth plane (as long as they acknowledge their mistake in turning their backs on their true home and vow never to repeat such errors). The Plane of Dust, however, did not offer all the answers he sought. He therefore needed to go to Sigil.

In Sigil, Jordan studied the past of the Ruvoka and the brajeti in particular. His studies brought him to the Musée Arcane, where he nurtured a friendship of sorts with Magnum Opus, the medusa curator. Jordan also came into contact with the Revivalist sect. His interest in history and his conservative beliefs helped him rise quickly through the ranks of the sect, and he now leads the Revivalists. He hopes to show all races, not just the ruvkova, that the past holds the best answer for the future.

Ironically, Jordan's involvement with the Musee Arcane and the Revivalists keep him from his home in the Dust plane more often than he would like. He spends little time there now, although he still considers this plane to be his true home. He has unsuccessfully tried to move the Revivalist's location to the plane of Dust, but met with too much resistance. He would gladly give up the reigns of power to return to his home, but is uncertain about the consequences such a change would wreak upon the sect.

Factol Jordan

Male Ruvkova Planar
9th level fighter/10th level druid, Sectol of the Revivalists

Str: 18/46

Int: 15

HP: 73

Dex: 10

Wis: 16

AC: 2

Con: 17

Cha: 14

THAC0: 12

Equipment: Scimitar of sharpness, chain mail +3, ring of spell turning, rod of cancellation, gem of insight, dust of disappearance, various history books and tomes.

Spells/Level: 6/6/3/3/2

Special: Jordan has standard fighter and druid abilities. He has access to all druid spheres, except elemental. He has major access to Earth and minor access to Air. He can assume the form of a dust animental 3 times a day. He is immune to dust and silt-related attacks, and can move through these substances at will. Jordan can telepathically communicate with any sentient creature. He takes damage as a large creature, and has a -2 to all reaction rolls.

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