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List(ory) History

The Mailing List passed into new hands recently. Alistair Lowe-Norris set up and moderated the Planescape Mailing List since its conception in 1994, about the same time the Planescape Campaign first appeared on the shelves. Originally the PS List was run from the Leicester University server in the UK, but moved to MPGN's server in late 1996. In 1997 two Monitors were appointed for each list as the number of members grew too large for one person to manage. In late 1997 Alistair "retired" from the half-dozen or more AD&D lists and passed the ownership to long-time members. We thank him for all the time he has given the AD&D lists over the years; without him they'd not even exist in their present form.

More recently still in 1999, TSR has made the lists "official" by moving them to its own Oracle.Wizards server. We have remained as list moderators (someone must like us ;-) and things should continue as before, only now they're "officially approved".

The current Moderators of the Planescape Mailing List are Zak Arntson, Ken Lipka and Jon Winter. We have all been list members for longer than we care to remember, and it's our intention to keep things running as smoothly as they did under Alistair's guidance. If you've ever wondered about who we are, this page should answer a few questions...
Zak Arntson is an early 20s year old college student from West Coast USA. He studies Computer Science and Art, has followed Planescape since its birth and has been on the mailing list since shortly after that. His web site, the Planescape Index, was the first Planescape-related site on the Internet. You can email him at Zak is the scariest of the moderators. He has been known to associate with both the Mercykillers and Microsoft.

Ken Lipka is a late 20-something Project Engineer at Ford in the USA. He's a Dilbert fan, also a member of the mailing list since the early days. Ken's website is On the Wings of Mephits, the home of the Planescape Fiction Archive and Chain Stories, amongst other things. He's also working on various secret projects ;-) You can email him at Ken is the tallest of the moderators.
Jon Winter is a mid-20s year old PhD student from Manchester, England, researching in the field of organic chemistry. After initially balking at the price of the first Planescape Boxed set he splashed out the cash and has never looked back. Once he discovered email and the mailing list he became an incurable addict. He now maintains Mimir.Net, the largest Planescape site on the internet (you're browsing part of it now, berk). You can email him at Jon is the biggest Vengaboys fan of all the moderators.

Discussion on the mailing list is moderated mainly by Zak and Ken, while Jon deals with the day-to-day running behind the scenes, which mainly consists of handling the error messages the list generates (sometimes as many as 500 a day). If you have subscription problems your best bet is to email, which forwards mail to whoever's reading the error messages...usually Jon, but he's been known to go on holiday sometimes ;-)

Consult the Mimir Again

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