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How to Join the Planescape Mailing List

Send an email message to TSR's server with the correct details, and you're on the list! How to do that? here's the dark:

TSR's server can be found at LISTSERV@ORACLE.WIZARDS.COM
The list you want to join is called

The server needs to know your name too, or you can join anonymously if you prefer. You don't need to tell it your email address because it will automatically subscribe the email address you're sending your message from.

So, here's what to do, cutter...
Send an email to:


The email should say:

Put either your name (spaces are allowed) or ANONYMOUS (if you're shy)...
And that's it. You're in! The server should email you shortly afterwards to welcome you. Save the welcome message for your future reference, please!

What do I do Next?

Sit back and wait for the messages to start appearing. Planescape-L generates between 10 and 40 messages a day, on average. You can read messages without replying (it's called LURKING, and many people do it, so don't think you're a voyeur or anything!) -- so unless you make yourself known by emailing the list, nobody else will know you're even there. If that's the way you want it, that's fine!


So How do I Email the List?

Simply send an email to the list's address and the server will make sure everyone on the list gets the message. Please note the list and the server have different addresses. Don't send anything except commands to LISTSERV because it won't understand them! On the other hand, don't send commands to PLANESCAPE-L because the server won't process them and they'll be sent to the (human) subscribers of the list.

The email address for sending Planescape-related email to the mailing list is:



Help! I'm Getting Too Much Email!

If you want to be a part of the mailing list but can't face getting 10-40 messages a day (and if you're got a telephone modem or WebTV this might be a real menace), then help is at hand. You can set your subscription to the list to DIGEST mode. This means the LISTSERV will save up messages for you and send them in easy-to-digest batches, at the rate of maybe one or two a day. Here's how to do it:

Send your command to:

Your email message should say:
If you change your mind and decide you prefer the normal mode of the list, send e message to the same address, only saying:

Easy as that!


I Missed Some Messages. Is there an Archive?

Yes, we've thought of everything, cutter. You can get a list of the available archive files by sending a command to:
Your email message should say:
You can then order files by sending another email to the LISTSERV saying:
where "xxxx" is the number of the archive file you require. More information on this can be found in the welcome message you received when you joined the list. Missing that? Unsubscribe and resubscribe from the list and it'll send you another. Told you to keep it safe, didn't we! ;-)


I've Changed my Mind! How do I get Off the List?

Sorry it's not for you. Or perhaps you're going on holiday and don't want to be drowned in email when you come back? In any case, feel free to join and leave the list as often as you want. Leaving is even easier than joining. Simply send an email to the LISTSERV asking to signoff. Here's how:

Send your command to:


Your email message should say simply:

And the messages should stop! You don't need to tell the LISTSERV your email address or even your name.

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