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The Outlands

The Spire

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A Giant at the Spire"As Many as Yards in the Spire"

That's a common Outlander saying for "lots", berk, and it describes perfectly how many theories there are on the nature of the Spire itself. Nothing else on the Outlands dominates the mindset of the folk quite so much as the Spire itself, the infinitely tall pinnacle of rock at the exact centre. No matter where you go on the Outlands, you'll never forget that: The Spire is Bloody Big, Berk!

You don't realise quite how big it is till you actually see it, cutter. Oh sure, you can blithely say: "Well, the Spire's infinitely tall, ain't it!", and true enough, that's exactly how high it reaches. But it ain't every day a cutter's slapped in the face by infinity. That's a good enough metaphor to describe the feeling I had when I first clapped my eyes on the Spire. The shock of the absolute vastness of the thing was like a physical blow. It goes up as high as you can look, and then some. And to cap it off, the barmy city of Sigil floats on the top. Don't ask me how you can see that, 'cause I know by right you shouldn't be able to. You just can, okay?

You'll never understand until you see it with your own eyes, cutter. Simple as that.

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The Spire

In Fact, there's so much Chant,
it's been Split up...

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Faction Musings

Factionneers lann some chant on their own beliefs and disbeliefs concerning the Great Spire.

Planewalker Tales

Myriad opinions from as many cutters who're planewalkers, Outlands natives, or just like to stick in their oar when asked.
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"Let's go Spire diving!"
- Sensate berk
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The Spire's Effect on Psionics

Optional rules to simulate the draining effect of proximity to the Spire on psionic abilities.

Scholarly Opinions

Learned graybeards showcase their studies on the Spire and share some of their barmier theories.

Further Questions

How can you see Sigil if the Spire's infinitely tall? What happens if you jump off the Cage?
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