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The Fraternity of Order (Guvners)

Pre-Faction War

The Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment is a major stronghold for the faction, containing the majority of its books on the Laws of Mechanus and the planes. Ruled by faction second-in-command Lady Nancias Garabutos who answers only to Factol Hashkar and the Laws themselves.

The Guvners have an understanding with the modrons, who allow a few factioneers in and out of their realm as philosopher diplomats, and the faction study the modrons to try and better comprehend perfect Law. Otherwise the Guvners here are a fairly isolated, stay-at-home bunch content to read books ad debate endlessly. The more adventurous souls seek to gain promotion to judge status, and are transferred to Sigil to sit in the law courts there.

Post-Faction War

After the sad loss of Factol Hashkar and the City Courthouse, the Guvners retreated to Mechanus to lick their wounds and plan for the future. Lady Garabutos took over the sell-shocked faction and a court of advisors was set up to decide what to do next. After some time debating they reached the conclusion that their activities in Sigil weren't really spreading their ideals and winning them converts at all, just tying up resources judging criminals in the lawless burg. So the move had been a Good Thing in the end.

Where next for the faction? Guvner high-ups have little desire to force a confrontation with the modrons (and far too much admiration for them), and since most of the plane shares a similar view of Law anyway, it seems obvious that any expansionism and proselytising will occur off-plane. Not wishing to cause too much friction with their former close allies the Harmonium, the Guvners probably won't try to crack Arcadia, at least not for a while.

The obvious target seems Acheron. Not only would the cubes of that plane make an interesting addition to Mechanus, but the Guvners reckon they might be able to quieten the eternal clash of arms. Other Guvners perhaps realise the difficulty of this task and have instead set their sights on the Outlands, in particular the burg of Automata and environs. Long a Guvner-held burg, it would make a fine addition to their territory -- much needed now several thousand factioneers have turned up on the plane with no homes.

Still other Guvners have got cosy with the Mathematicians, and some faction-sect mingling is occurring, with the odd Maths blood helping out Guvner theoreticians and vice versa. The groups are prone to clash on ideologies eventually, but right now they appear to be happy bedfellows.

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The Mathematicians
From their burg of Radian, in the geometric centre of Mechanus (so they reckon), the Mathematicians do their number-crunching and calculating. There's an entrance to the Labyrinthine Portal here, and apart from the modrons, there cutters are the best-qualified to operate the barmy thing. The more adventurous members of the sect chase the results of their calculations and explore the distant parts of Mechanus in search of ... well, whatever it is these basher seek.

Radian is also home to a large colony of moignos, both rational and irrational. These bashers live in the burg's central clearing, the Set Square

The three leaders of the sect are brother and sister pair of tiefling bashers named Sine and Cosine and a rogue modron called Tangent. These names are the traditional ones adopted by Mathematician leaders; the real names of the cutters are kept a secret by the sect until they are replaced by the next sectols. Nobody really knows why, but the Mathematicians are a very traditional lot, prone to following reams of dogma at the slightest provocation.

The Legislate
These cutters have a strict hierarchy of social and legal roles, and completely dominate a Mechanical burg named Right to Rule. Despite having existed for many years, the sect has yet to spread from the burg. Sect members blame the long arm of the Guvner law for this, so perhaps in the aftermath of the Faction War this sect may have a chance to shine. The name of the Legislate is well known throughout the Lawful side of the Great Ring, and as far away as Sigil, where representatives of the sect occasionally make contact with wealthy or powerful lawmakers.

The full dark on the burg and its sect can be found here.

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The Flesh-Mongers
(by Randir)
"Since soul can not fend off the sins of the flesh, grace can be regained through its denial."

The Flesh Mongers, are a group of planars who have developed a macabre fascination with the links between the body and sin. They have taken it to be the case that the body is corruption, and that the soul must be cleansed through its denial. Living in the clockwork wastes of Mechanus this sect found the answer to its prayers.

The Flesh Mongers actively replace their organic bodies with mechanical devices, maintaining only the minimal amount of their original bodies as possible. At low levels they resemble humans having only a limb or two replaced with implants. At higher levels they gain in both size and weight as they replace compact organs with giant devices. The leader of the Flesh-Mongers has reached the size of a small castle, which travels across the churning gears of Mechanus on giant treads. His blood flows through tubes on the walls, as he has nerves throughout his new form. Silicaton is not only the sects founder, leader, but also headquarters.

The Flesh Mongers got their name from the sale of their own body parts. In part to pay for the elaborate surgeries required, and partly because of their beliefs... Selling their bodies for the sake of their souls.

BENEFITS: When in close proximity all Flesh Mongers share a common set of senses. This allows them to act as one single unit as Modrons do.

HINDRANCES: Flesh Mongers loose not only their sanity, but also their identities as they gain experience. As such they cease to exist as individuals at about 10th level. After 5th-level they can no longer pass for humans, or any other creature for that matter.

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The Techno-Shamanists
The Tinkerers
(by Randir)
"Does not the act of creation give birth to its own spirit?"

The Techno-Shamanists are a groups of shamans who believe in the spirits of stuff. The cogspawn serve as their greater spirit guides, and their sacred text is the Codex of Industrial Standards. These rather odd people, practice a form of magic unlike anything else on the planes.

They deal solely with spirits known affectionately as gremlins, mischievous and alien spirits who have a sadistic sense of humour. By making offerings of breaking glass objects and denting metal objects, the techno-shamans beg for the assistance of the gremlins. As fitting, techno-shamanists have a greater affinity for things with more moving parts. Hence they find it easier to manipulate a clockwork device, or a wagon, than they could a sword.

Sample Spells:

Bind Gremlin
This spell forces a single gremlin to serve the shaman for 24 hours, or until a single quest is performed. The complexity of the quest is limited only by the shaman's level. The DM is free to determine how easily it can be done.
This spell is a spell of banishment, which forces hostile gremlins (aka bugs) from the mechanical device that they are dealing with. There is a second form of this known as "Shotgun Debugging" but that is much more dangerous since it works only 1 in 20 tries and often completely destroys the device.
Rite of Rube
Named after the most famous of the Tinkerer sect, and one of the greatest techno-shamans to ever live, Rube Goldberg. This elaborate ritual which requires from 3 to 18 hours to complete, allows the Shaman to create a hideously complex device to solve nearly any ordinary task.
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Copyright 1998 by Jon Winter,
gearwork by Belarius, gear spirit by Jeremiah Golden

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