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The Torpedo Room and the Illusory Domain
Viziers Lane, Market Ward

The Torpedo room and the neighbouring building Illusory Domain lie among the many magical shops of Viziers lane. Both of these strange places has a unique twist, and a common connection.

Torpedo Room: A strange dance hall indeed. This room has shallow (foot deep) water covering the floor, odd coloured for and flashing multicoloured lights. Magical music fills the room. This dance halls most unique feature however are the electrical torpedo fish that swim the shallow water and cause numbness with their electric charges. Entry costs 3 stingers, and more on special occasions.

Illusory Domain: This empty warehouse seems like nothing of interest, but it has a sign up box outside asking what situation the user wants to see, when, and for how long. A schedule is on the door in front of the building. The wizard schedules people to have their preferred situation to be simulated by illusions, collecting their pay as they show up and setting charges according to how complex the simulated situation is.

History: Harkonis Maldorov was a wizard from the prime people from Hatti, a people who apparently shared the world with the Greeks (or Mycenaeans as they call them). He (like many primes) stumbled into the world of Sigil. Instead of seeking out the world of his Hittite people again he mastered the art of magic and sold a method of pain relief popular among the Mediterranean peoples of his world. He set aside a pool of water and filled it with torpedo fish, a fish whose electric charge numbed pain. His earnings were meagre and with magical healers around the few who did visit were a handful of Athar. Then he go an idea, using his magic to put dancing multicoloured lights in the place, coloured fog, and music. He made a dance room where people dance among electric fishes in shallow (under a foot deep) water. Using the money he earned here he set up the illusory domain.


Copyright 1999 by Joshua Jarvis

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