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Selphi's Enchantment
Foghorn Square, Lady's Ward

If you wander around the Lady's Ward for long enough you're sure to hear about Selphi's Enchantment, a forlorn antiquity standing in the center of Foghorn Square. People from around the planes come to see this legendary statue, making a personal journey for enlightenment and peace. 'Cause, you see, Selphi's Enchantment can talk.

Legend has it that a wizardress named Selphi, a millenium or more ago, created this statue of a kneeling woman as a divining tool for her studies. The statue is large, about ten feet tall, and is forged of a unknown, tarnished, metal, that is slightly green in color. If a basher gets close enough, the lips will move, and the enchantment will talk. But she does not tell the future. Nay, she speaks of the past. She tells the stories of ancient times, and might mention your ancestor in the story. Her voice is filled with lonliness and sorrow when she speaks, and she never smiles.

She has gained quite a religious following. Calling themselves Selphi's Children, they spread the word of her over the multiverse. The current owner, Janus Meirner (Planar / male tiefling / T5 / NG), lets these people visit her for peace and knowledge. 


Copyright 1999 by Josh Simpson

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