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Off Deader's Row, Hive Ward

Just off Deader's row in the Hive Ward, between Flyspecks Butchery and the Laughing Jackal Inn lies an alley like no other. Living in rags and filth is a cleric like no other. He's a celestial, an orcish celestial!

How do one of those barbaric creatures of Acheron become such a gentle creature of goodness and light? Well he was a prime in a former life, a pacifist at that. They say he took 10,000 lashes from the generals whip, and all the time he spent tending to the wounded and not attacking. No amount of punishment would force him to fight. But one day while tending an injured comrades severed leg the commander whipped old Gruk the orc with his sword instead.

When Gruk died he became a celestial for his kindness. He chooses the alley of the Hive Ward when most celestials avoid it because he's needed there. After all, if you're not afraid of the darkness then why try and show yourself as a being of light? He's a healer, street preacher, and a nice fellow to know. He helped me out in a pitch once or twice.


Copyright 1999 by Joshua Jarvis

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