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Prize Winner!Jonas' Visions
Great Bazaar, Market Ward

Commerce is the greatest driving force in the multiverse, next to your own will power. But how do you find all the places that you can sell your wares or haggle for profit? A small booth located somewhere in the Great Bazaar sells the most unusual "ordinary" item to solve that problem. The booth is run by a young cutter named Jonas Rendbar (Planar / male human / 0-level / Sign of One / CG) who sells maps of Sigil. These maps are drawn on the finest parchment that can be found in all The Cage.

Jonas calls his maps "Visions" because he describes them as his vision of Sigil's future. In actuality these maps are quite accurate renditions of Sigil's Wards and change as the streets are rearranged by the Lady's servants the Dabus. The maps can also be understood by all that purchase them from Jonas. They can not only understand the language but those that are lawful can make sense of the chaos of the Hive and those that favour chaos can understand the order of the Lady's Ward.

One day the map will show what the City of Doors looks like, the next morning, it still shows what it looks like, but the map has been modified. These non-magical maps are very expensive and sell for 100 jinx per map. The special aspect of the maps is that they change for two weeks before remaining in their last "vision" of Sigil. Jonas has a strange power that he doesn't understand nor would he even try. He thought it, therefore it is. These maps are becoming more popular as people begin to realise what these special maps can do, especially for those in the Hive or Lower Wards.


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