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Prize Winner!The Happy Medium
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The Happy Medium is a small ramshackle shack with only one room, a table, and a bed in it. It's home to Exzema Scabes, a night hag with the unusual ability to predict the future. She makes a meagre living as a seer. How she gained her ability is a mystery never told but old Exzema is odd about her way of telling people what happens.

You see, most fortune tellers have an oath against telling people bad things are going to happen, it's bad for business and all that. Exzema delights in seeing bad things happen to people. She lives for it, and those with a happy future are shooed angrily from her house and told to return when they feel doomed. When you get a reading from Miss Scabes a sinister smile crosses her face and the more danger or death she sees the more and louder she laughs her cackling haggish laugh that makes the toughest willed of people shiver.

She likes keeping her customers nervous without lying so she makes her predictions vague. If she sees you facing a Glabrezu and you behead him with an axe she might say "I see tanar'ri about you an axe falls, blood spurts, and a head falls from the body it sat upon. If you go to the Abyss you will find death." However the customer never knows if its his own death or another's he will find. Exzema however is the one of the few seers who willingly reveal bad events which will happen in your future, and it's for this reason alone she's consulted!


Copyright 1999 by Joshua Jarvis

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