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Brix's Guide to Sigil

Off Masquerade Mall, Lady's Ward

Godswatch has been compared with a marketplace, only with a religious slant. The truth is less friendly-sounding. Imagine, if you will, a shining, marvellous temple of a building bang in the heart of the Lady's Ward, chock-full of shrines and churches to any power who's the current flavour of the month. The proprietors take a hefty "rent" from respective churches, who, unless they can meet the terms of their leases, are shuffled to less prestigious chambers of removed from the Godswatch altogether.

For those faiths that make enough money on their tithes and collection plates, the Godswatch is a glorious tribute to the popularity and might of their chosen deities.

I overheard the following on my last visit...

"So, berk, you want to know where the truly Powerful base their temples? Well, it's obvious. Godswatch. The most impressive, opulent, welcoming, bright, largest temples can be found on the Godswatch. From Lliira to Tymora, Aphrodite to Hermes, you will find the cream of the Powers have instructed their faithful to make their presence known in our Wonderful City of Doors.

As the Caretaker of Godswatch, I am the one who supervises the layout, and hears the requests for new temples and procedures. One most respect each other, that is of course mandatory, and although there are several faiths with identical beliefs based within the Watch, we all live happily here. The Godswatch. It is the premier place of worship in all of Sigil."

Feather Werrywell, Caretaker of Godswatch

And shortly afterwards...

"Two faced, back-stabbing, petty minded little man. Everyone has their bad times, everyone has their troubles. And when our Lady Waukeen went missing, I was ousted from my temple without so much as a by-your-leave, and some little small prime Goddess of Jewels inherited my wonderfully arranged temple!

'All live happily?' Don't make me laugh! The amount of cross-trading and betrayal that goes on here would make even a yugoloth blush! There's always someone waiting to fall, someone getting ready to push, and someone else ready to dive into the empty space.

If you thought serving a Power was all happiness, oh think again! And if you thought all those who serve Powers of a similar Sphere involved meeting up for a nice friendly chat every now and then - well, let's just say that many of these so-called Powers are ashamed of their 'generous' followers.

As for me? I'm joining the Athar."

Andre Canrel, Ex-Priest of Waukeen


Copyright 1998 by Jamie Walker

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