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Brix's Guide to Sigil

A Day in the Life of a Cager
[Any similarity to Jeena Ealy's The Life of a Cager is purely coincidental, and has never been proved in Court].

"Some of the greatest bloods in the multiverse hail from Sigil or call the place kip. Take the factols for instance. They hold sway over the minds of millions. Now, these highups all go about their business in luxury (for the most part) from day to day, and that's what we hear about. But what about your average cager? What about the seamstress, the book seller, the common thief even? How do they live? These are their stories, the stories of life in the Cage."

-- From Jeena Ealy's forward to "The Life of a Cager", author unknown

You've all heard about the Factols, the High-Ups, the Cage Rattlers, the Faces of Sigil. But what about the hoi polloi? The masses? The grubby cutters who do most of the living in the Cage? A Guide to the Cage ain't much cop without exploring their stories, and this one's no exception. I've met and interviewed members of the working classes, the namers, the urchins, and the orphans. And here their stories will be told. You ain't seen Sigil 'till you've seen it through the eyes of someone who lives there, cutter... 

Jaimi Bimkz

Jaimi Bimkz is our first subject. Jaimi is a human seamstress, lives in the Lower Ward, and is a namer in the Free League.

Pekan Shu

Mr. Shu, groundskeeper of the Gatehouse, is our second subject. This is his story, that of a Bleaker who cares.

A note on time: In Sigil, there is no definate time setting. Peak is the equivelant of our Noon, and Antipeak is the equivalent of our midnight. The 3 hours before and after Peak are the brightest hours of the day, and the 3 hours before and after Antipeak are the darkest hours of the day. Also, in events of the following stories where a time isn't designated, assume it takes place between the events before and after it.

Copyright 1999 by Tom Bubul

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