Mimir Bar
Je Suis Voila!

The Darks, For a Price

Riddle Me This:

Lady's Grace, cutter!

They call me Voilá!. That's my name, berk, though cutters who're friends tend to drop the ! Seeing as we're getting acquainted (or at least, you're getting to know me a little) you can call me Voilá.

No, I ain't a mimir too, but I ain't actually here right now either. See, mimirs are nothing more than recording devices which I use to store my information. Out here on the Planes, knowing the right dark is valuable, see, and I'm not one to let jink slip through my fingers. Well, I've done some travelling in my time, and all that time I've been sharing my innermost thoughts with these here mimirs. They're mighty good listeners, are mimirs.

Well, I'd best let you carry on a-playing with the Mimirs

That's what they're here for, after all: To answer your questions about the planes. Just go right ahead: there's all sorts of darks stashed away inside those barmy metal skulls. Not all of 'em mine, neither...most of these mimirs've had many previous owners. That's a story for another time, though; I'll leave you in peace. If you need anything, just ask. You don't learn nothing by staying quiet, right?

What's This?

Still perplexed by the array of chant here? Unsure as to what "mimirs" are anyway? Wondering what in the Nine Hells "chant" means? You'll find some answers here, in my introduction for the clueless.

What's New?

Hear the latest chant I've recorded into the Mimirs, or old darks that I've just rediscovered.

Top Ten Darks

Learn the most popular questions that the mimirs have been asked this week (and, of course, where to find their answers!)...

What's Where?Et Voila!

Find the chant quick with this handy guide to Where Things Are. Which mimir holds which chant, and what they can and can't (or won't) tell you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn the answers to the questions most commonly posed by primes, planars and even planewalkers.

Contact Me

I've enchanted these mimirs to deliver questions they can't answer themselves directly to me, via a modified magic mouth spell. Unless I'm out-of-touch I'll try and reply.
Mimir Bar