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Even More Tips, Tricks, and Misadventures.

And even more insites from a Black Isle Staff member:

"There is also another form of interaction that was surprising to me.

The amount of discussion you can have with fellow party members, while they're IN your Party! You can talk to Annah about her friends, her past, her skills. You can talk to Fall-From-Grace about how she Feels about other party members, including you, how she thinks they feel about her, how you feel about her, etc.!

You can have members teach you skills! Talk about they're own special talents! Even gain experience from this knowledge! And this information changes throughout the game! These people really feel alive!

To add one more level to that, people that you meet will acknowledge different party members, sometimes ignoring you in favor of them. Talk to a githzerai townsperson. Doesn't say much. Now, talk to him/her with Dak'kon in your party. If you can get a word in between them, you might get some valuable information!

The amount of sound in the game is righteous too. There seems to be layer upon layer of ambient sounds. For example, in a place called the Smoldering Corpse Bar, You hear tons of voices coming from all over the bar. As you pan the screen around, (or move towards areas of the bar) you can hear more sinister voices near a table full of fiends, laughter, and discussion over by the warriors, and the sound of flames near the big furnace in the front! That's one area!"
- Scampy Art Guy , at

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Tell us how YOU died today! When a dozen Grilligs have just torn you apart for the tenth time, cause all you're packing is a scalpel and a back-talking mimir, you'll need to laugh it off to win the game.

Acerbic, cynical laughter to be sure - but it will keep you sane berk!

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