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More Tips, Tricks, and Misadventures.

A few more insites from a Black Isle Staff member:
"And the level of response from your character is sweet!
You may have a total of eight responses at times. Two of which achieve the same result.
However, one might be "Thank you for your time, I know how busy you are." And the other "That's enough. I don't need any more information from you!"
It doesn't change the results much, but it allows you to further play your character in the direction you want him to go! On the other hand, you may be able to offer aid to someone. You can say (for example) "I'll help you hide from the city guards", or "I'll talk to the guards and see if they'll let you off, legally" or "I can help you, for a price." Guess what, folks. Choices like these can and will affect your alignment! You can do good things in a chaotic way; or Evil things, while following the laws of the land. And it's not always black and white as to which choice is which. I've had times where I had to hurt someone no matter what choice I made! "
- Scampy Art Guy , at

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Tell us how YOU died today! When a dozen Grilligs have just torn you apart for the tenth time, cause all you're packing is a scalpel and a back-talking mimir, you'll need to laugh it off to win the game.

Acerbic, cynical laughter to be sure - but it will keep you sane berk!

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