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"And is you soul even worth corrupting, mortal?"

Race Overview

Corruption. Cruelty. Consumption. And power, above all else, power.
The yugoloths are the masters of subversion, lying, and manipulation. Not as powerful in terms of sheer might and magic as the other fiends, the yugoloths use more subtle means of acheiving their aims.

The 'loths aren't like the baatezu or the tanar'ri. Their brand of darkness is more subtle, less well defined, but just as sinister. The evil of the yugoloths is a complete lack of concern for those around them. They don't care enough about others to enjoy the cruelty and despair that they regularly cause. The yugoloths kill a body's dreams, hopes, and desires, leaving them a withered husk of their former self. They feed upon others, leeching the spirit until there's nothing left... and the yugoloth soul is a very deep and empty pit. The only thing that matters to a yugoloth is his own personal gain, by whatever means.

While the other fiends are traditionally gargoylish and demonic in appearance, the yugoloths are either far more suave, like the jackal-headed arcanoloths, or completely alien, like the tentacled, clawed piscoloth. More frightening though, is the fact that unlike almost all other paramortal races, yugoloths are not dervied from petitioners, and can reproduce by mating with their own kind. However, the constant internecine plotting means that almost as many yugoloths are killed by each other.

There are rumors that the yugoloths have been around since before the powers, that they are the origin of all fiendish races. While the truth of those rumors is in doubt, it is true that the yugoloths often have unexpected knowledge of the primal matters of the multiverse. They are keepers of secrets, using them to gain their advantage over others.

Dealing with the yugoloths is a precarious matter: sometimes they will adhere to the rules of an agreement, sometimes not. A contract is only as good as long as it is an advantage to a yugoloth. At least with the baatezu or tanar'ri, a person has a general idea of what they will do... but with the yugooths, they are dangerously unpredictable.


The yugoloths can usually call in favors or con the Baatezu and Tanar'ri into assisting them in their schemes. It's also said by some paranoid barmies that the yugoloths have contacts and spies everywhere.


While the yugoloths despise the celestial races, their major enemy is the race of Guardinals. The guardinals vehemently oppose the 'loths, and even make occasional surprise raids on the yugoloth towers in the Grey Waste.


The Mezzoloths are the humanoid insectile soldiers, whose lot in life is too be nothing more then mercenaries for their higher brethren to manipulate. Dergholoths are the five-armed insectoid servants, low-minded mercenaries of destruction. The lobster like Piscoloth are overseers and sergeants, commanding the lower ranking 'loths in battle. The large four-legged beast Canoloths are retrievers, their long spiked tongue entrapping those who get to close. Amphibious spies, the Hydroloths swim the Styx and lower planar rivers to bring back reports to their higher-up. Yagnoloth are the misshapen humanoid "nobles" of yugoloth society, ruling over regions with an iron fist. Nycaloth's are grotesque gargoyle-headed observers and spies, who travel the lower planes to watch the other fiends. The jackal-headed Arcanoloths are the scholars of their race, content to manipulate from afar with evil villainies. Ultroloths are the grey humanoids with large opal eyes, rulers of the yugoloths. Some speak of 'loths even higher and eviler then these, the fabled Baernoloths, but almost nothing is known of these ancient creatures.

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