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Race Overview

Wretched. Outcasts. Borne without a parent, borne into strange lands of the Lower Planes with nothing but themselves to rely on, the tieflings are part human and part something else. That 'something else' is rarely one thing: the bloodlines that they come from are almost undeniably tinted with fiendish blood. Horns. Goat feet. Tails. Six fingers. Three eyes. Random deformities. A tiefling can look like anything, as long as that "anything" isn't normal. While the aasimar are what most would consider the perfection of human form, the tieflings are the perversion of it. Mutants. Not one of them looks "normal", rather, they are each an individual, both mentally and physically. The story that each tiefling could tell is sure to be one of mystery, intrigue, betrayal, and greed - and what makes it even more interesting is that it could all just be a lie. Tieflings lie frequently and lie when it suits them to do so. It is their fiendish nature peeking through, tapping them on the shoulders, not letting itself be forgotten. Anger, rage, greed, the 'deadly sins' of Judeo-Christian mythology are like old friends to the tieflings.

Not all tieflings want this. Most hate it, seeing their fiendish blood something that makes them scorned, untrusted, and hated by normal people. They desire to prove themselves, to show the world that they've risen above the stereotype that it's shown to them. They've survived on their own all their life, and they're not going to turn to other people for help. They're going to make a name for themselves in something, or they're going to die trying.

Race Life

As much some might hate it, the tieflings usually fall in with the low-lifes of Sigil. The gutter-trash, the thieves, the murderers. Maybe this is another stereotype created by the protective mothers of the Lower Ward: "Come in right now, Jimmy! You know full well that four to antipeak is when the tieflings come out to gobble you up!" In reality, most tieflings aren't really so bad. Most have managed to rise (to some extent) past their beginnings into something else. It is true that throughout the rest of the planes, tieflings usually fall in with the fiends, serving them in one capacity or the other. In Sigil, however, tieflings flock to escape their pasts and create new names and identities for themselves. What identities are there? Almost anything imaginable. From warriors to doctors, from beggars to informants, from spies to murderers... in Sigil, a tiefling can find themselves. More than once they end up giving into their fiendish nature. Some put these times behind them, trying to forget the scars. Some accept it as part of their life. Some relish these opportunities: fear is their ally, hatred is their weapon. They become as their fiendish relatives, evil to the core.

All that matters to the tieflings is to prove themselves. They might be proving themselves to the common folk of Sigil: they are just like them, only with a different heritage and background, only with a different face, but they are able to live among them without fear. They might be proving themselves to the upper class citisens of the Lady's Ward: they are trustworthy and reliable messengers and business partners, they are able to succeed just as the nobles themselves did so long ago. Or they might be proving themselves to the cutthroats of the Hive and beyond, they are ruthless and cold-hearted killings, the greatest murderers that ever existed, the keenest thief, or the best weapons maker.

Allies and Enemies

The tieflings really have no friends. Nobody out there really cares about the tieflings, so they tend to keep to themselves. Even other tieflings don't trust each other, all of them are wretched refuse cast onto the teeming shores of the multiverse with nobody to rely upon, not even their own kin. Because of their varied backgrounds and stories, the tieflings have nothing to tie them together as a race, and as such usually stay far away from one another. To a tiefling, another one is competition, another obstacle in their way. A villain.

Of course, the Aasimar and celestial beings of the Upper Planes have nothing to do with tieflings as a rule. The fiendish blood that runs through their veins is more than enough to make creatures of purity wholly distrust them. It is rare that the aasimar or the celestials of the Upper Planes will have dealings with the tieflings, and there are even rumors of a secret Upper Planar plot - led by an overzealous asuras, angelic being existing to punish evil - to cleanse the streets of Sigil of the foul presence of the tieflings.

Faction Views

The more entropic of the factions seem to attract the tieflings, with their fascinations for the darker portions of existence. Many tieflings see themselves as heroes of their own existential dramas, becoming members of the Bleak Cabal. Others see the inherent tendency for the multiverse to decay, joining the Doomguard. Still others wish to cast others down to the ground and put themselves into positions of power: the Revolutionary League. However, the Free League, with their ideas of independence, often attract the tieflings. Some, vindictive against the multiverse for them being cast out, join the Mercykillers for the power that it gives them: the current factol of the Mercykillers is a tiefling. Finally, many join the Believers of the Source. The idea of self-improvement is extremely appealing to the tieflings of Sigil; as they attempt to improve their lot in life, so do they move upwards through the multiversal ladder of ascension.

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