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Race Overview

The slaadi have a reputation throughout the planes as attention-defecit giant frogs that are willing to eat pretty much anything or anyone. And in general, that's true. What most don't understand is why they are like that.

Slaadi are the essence of chaos and individuality, stuffed into a large, bipedal frog-like form. They are perfectly comfortable swimming through the elemental soup of Limbo, hunting for whatever creatures might be edible. Living in an ever-changing environment, the slaadi have no real need for posessions. They respect only individual strength, which can lead to some odd behavior on their part.

Slaadi have a strict hierarchical society; each member of a caste can be distinguished by the colored tattoos on its forehead. Individual slaad can advance up the ladder of slaadi ranking by fighting and beating a member of a higher caste. However, the slaad have never been able to fully understand the idea of working as a group; three red slaadi would never dream of ganging up on a blue slaad. Since the blue slaad is stronger, he has the right to push around the lesser slaadi as he wishes. The slaadi apply the same principle to combat with other beings; against one attacker, a group of slaadi will line up and fight one at a time.

The slaadi don't care much about anything except individual strength, and roam Limbo in packs, taking whatever they want and eating whatever looks good. During mating season (which looks the same as any other season in Limbo), they gather at the Spawning Stone, a "U" shaped hunk of rock floating in the Limboan soup. Slaadi are perfectly capable of talking, writing, and many other things, but usually lack the focus to concentrate on anything for more than a couple minutes.

The exceptions to that rule are the overacheiving Slaad Lords, each of whom embodies a specific chaotic trait. Ssendam is the Lady of Insanity, and often appears as a large golden amoeba, or a golden slaad. Ygorl is Lord of Entropy, Chourst is the Lord of Randomness, and Renbuu is the Lord of Colors. Each of the slaad lords is devoted to spreading their particular brand of chaos, and sometimes bully lesser slaad into aiding them.


Slaad are too chaotic to ally with anyone or anything. However, the slaadi don't particularly mind the Eladrin or the Tanar'ri.


Modrons, Baatezu, and Archons are all hated by the chaotic slaadi. The feeling is mutual. In addition, the githzerai who make their home in Limbo consider the slaad to be a highly dangerous kind of vermin, mostly because of the erratic raids that the slaad make on githzerai cities.


Red Slaad hop about, and their claws make blue slaad eggs in those the fight. Conversely, Blue Slaad who also hop about with claws on each hand, and spread a disease that makes their opponents into red slaad. Spawned at random instead of blue or red, the Green Slaad, the gloat over those around them. Grey Slaad are those of their race that have mastered magic, and hop about casting spells. Using magic to extend their froggy-lives, the Death Slaad (or Black), are the most powerful of their race.

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