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Violations of the MUSH's rules are dealt with by the wizzen as they see fit, usually by a "forced vacation" of anywhere from 24 hours to a week. People who attack the MUSH, whether it be by hacking, spamming boards or channels, or other methods, will be sitelocked.

Alternate Characters

An "Alternate Character" is a character that's used besides a person's main character. Usually an alt is created when a gap is found in the first character; this sort of gap might be the fact that he can't associate with certain people because of faction, he can't interact with others of other social class, and other problems. Oftentimes, people are just bored RPing just one character and need difference in their life. Those people that wish to focus on the development and adventures one character are probably better off staying away from alternate characters. The following rules are in place for alternate characters:

  • Only one alternate character per person. This is to make sure that one person doesn't have five different characters; this is quite a confusing situation for those engaged in RP for any one of his characters. Also, as the number of alternate characters that a person has increases, the amount of time spent to one or the other usually decreases, and it becomes difficult to involve all of them in some way with things.

  • Only one character connected at one time; this is to prevent general abuse, such as one character fighting another, one character attempting to give money to another (currently prevented by the code system). Having one person with more than one alt connected at a time is generally confusing for all parties.

  • Only one room may be rented between the two with the MUSH's in-game rent system.

  • This is the most important of all of the rules: no interaction between the two alts. That is, no two alts in the same RP, no two alts interacting in any way with the other. Basically, one character shouldn't even acknowledge the existence of the other character. This keeps things nice, fair, and even for all.


There will be no excessive swearing or discussion of illegal activities (ie, hacking, MP3 trading) on the Public channel.


Page harassing is not tolerated. If you page insults, cussing, flames, arguments and the subject pages you back asking you to stop, that is the end of it.


Misusing code or code loopholes is not allowed.


Due to our extremely loose guidelines on magic, there will be a few specifications. Shapeshifting, clairvoyance, and telepathy are not allowed without the explicit consent of the staff.


The Lady's Cage MUSH uses the conflict-consent system for conflict resoloution; the +roll command is intended for times when a consensus cannot be reached. If you are not familiar with the conflict-consent system, more information can be found on the conflict consent page.

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