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Race Overview

Not all the races and peoples across the planes are aliens beings of fiendish, celestial, or elemental descent. Some are normal people that have come to the Outer Planes and settled in. After generations upon generations, they've changed: transmogrified from what their relatives were when they arrived years ago. They've seen the power of belief, and its fire can be seen dancing in their eyes. They live their factions and wear their beliefs on their sleeves. Once they might have been slanty-eyed "elves" or short and stout "dwarves." Not any longer. They're something completely different, and have lost any cultural similarities to their ancestors long ago. They're on their own now, and have formed their own being and societies unique and independent of their former state.

Physically they might resemble their previous ancestors. Elves, dwarves, halflings, humans... they are creatures of myth and legend on the planes, if only for their sheer mundaneness. Those that have travelled from the Prime Material Plane to the Planes adapt quickly or die: they fall in with the factions right off and begin to change themselves physically: facial tattoos, earrings, wearing trendier garb as they cast aside their old and boring Prime clothes. In a sense, they cast down their former identities. The majority of the planars come from the Outlands or Sigil itself; they've seen the full choices of philosophies that the Planes have to offer and they've picked one to call their own.

Race Life

Planars have no real collective culture. Their lives are their philosophies, and their former cultures and family structures have vanished. Their fellow faction members are their families. They usually marry within their faction, and so create a sort of artificial generational structure based on belief. On the Outlands, they organise into a tribal, nomadic, or urban lifestyle, depending on what they feel most comfortable with. Some make their homes in the Gatetowns across the Outer Ring. Most head to Sigil, where they can find easy employment and live their faction philosophies with other people that agree with them.

Allies and Enemies

The Planars have no allies or enemies, but are often viewed as puppet by the paramortals. The fiends (Tanar'ri, Baatezu, and Yugoloths) desire to corrupt the mortals to eventually sell their souls as currency on the Lower Planes. The celestials wish to convert the mortals to their respective religions and ethical philosophies, as well as attempt to tell the mortals what to do and lead them onto the "correct" path. Planars are, by their very nature, unaffiliated and open to any sort of work available. Many become mercenaries, selling themselves out to whoever will pay them.

Faction Views

Planars can represent any (and sometimes, every) view within the scope of the Planes. They can be found in any group from the Revolutionary League to the Harmonium, and can be seen advocating any inbetween. As a rule, one cannot peg a planar down just by looking at them.

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