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"To look at one modron is to look at them all."
-- Planar saying

Race Overview

The modrons are the ultimate embodiment of law and order. As such, they see order as the be-all and end-all of existance. To them, all life must spring from a pool of logical action: one's superiors. There is no individuality within a rank; all modrons refer to themselves as 'we'. They continually strive to make Mechanus as perfect as it can be, and if given the opportunity, would extend that law and logic to the rest of the planes.

The modron hierarchy reflects the race's strict and unbending order. Modrons have a difficult time acting outside of a certain set of actions, set by their form and function. When they encounter something that they can't deal with, the automatic reaction is to ask for orders from a superior modron. In addition, each modron is unaware of the existance of any other modrons beyond the ones one rank above, and one rank below it. If a monodrone was shown a tridrone, it could not even say what it was looking at. Thus, orders and information must travel up and down through the ranks, step by step. 

At the head of the modron hierarchy is Primus, the modron 'god'. Below it are four secundi, sixteen tertians, and so on. At the lowest ranks, there are uncounted numbers of small, spherical monodrones. Each time a higher-ranked modron is killed, a modron of the rank below it automatically transforms to take the place of the dead modron. At the lowest rank, the monodrones reproduce by fission.

On the plane of Mechanus, the modrons are almost omnipresent. It's hard to go more than an hour without seeing one of the geometric-shaped paramortals. They run their realm, Regulus, with precision and a enormous body of rules and regulations. Travellers to Mechanus are advised to pick up the 300-volume "portable" law summary.

However, the modrons' perfection is hard to maintain. Sometimes, though some accident, a modron will gain a sense of individuality. These entities, known as 'rogue modrons', are hunted down and destroyed by the other modrons.

Much about the modrons is mysterious and unknowable. But the most apparent aspect of this is known as "The Great Modron March." Every cycle, a huge 'parade' of modrons makes their way around the Great Ring, passing through each plane. Very few survive, if any at all -- but the modrons keep on with the march at the regularly spaced intervals.


The modrons have few direct allies. The Guvners are the one faction that regularly associates with the modrons, hoping to gain knowledge of some of the secret laws of multiversal order. Wizards and records-keepers also like them, for their precision and repetitious nature.


Almost every chaotic creature and being hates the modrons, but the Slaadi have a special hated of the modrons' laws and orderliness. 


The five base modrons are only slightly intelligent, living to take orders and not give them. The Monodrone, spherical modrons with one eye are general laborers. Duodrones are box-shaped, and can handle two tasks at once. The pyramid shaped Tridrones handle minor supervision, and those armed with javelins work as shock troops and guards. The common cube-shaped Quadrones can handle many tasks and supervision, and their functional arms and feathered wings make them excellent for scouts. The star-fish shaped and five eyed Pentadrone can see all around it at once, making it perfect to police and enforce within the ranks.

The hierarch modrons supervise the lower ranks and organize the running of the gears of Mechanus. Decatons are the ten tentacled spheres on stumpy legs, who float among the bade modrons and monitor their welfare. The caterpillar-like Nonaton formed of a collection of spheres are the chief inspectors, and also the ones to hunt down any rogue modrons. The cubical and tentacled Octon command the gears of Mechanus and the armies stationed there. Septons are officials who maintain the regulations of the plane, and appear as large grey humanoids with bald heads. The strange tentacled and winged humanoid Hexton's are generals of the armies and other serve in the tower of Primus. Quintons on the record keepers of the modrons, who's four arms can easily handle any amount of paper filing tasks. The similar Quatons appear as large humanoids with four arms and fanlike wings, and they administer the sixteen sectors of Mechanus. Tertians are the judges of Mechanus, hearing all crimes done in Mechanus and determining the fate of rogue modrons. They appears as humanoids with horns and a mace-like tail. The four Secundus are the highest rank of hierarch modrons, ruling all those below them. Only four are known to exist, and they appear as tall thing gray humanoids. The extreme leader of the modrons is the power-like Primus, who governs all of Mechanus. It is said it appears as a humanoid figure reaching forth from a pool of light and darkness.

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