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The Library, where a cutter can lann the chant on how things are, should he have the gaul to look...

What is Planescape?

The Lady's Cage MUSH is based on TSR's Planescape Campaign Setting for AD&D. Planescape has been quite accurately called a philosophical roleplaying game - a game where it's not how tough a character is, or what sort of magical whatnot he's got, but what he knows. In the Planescape setting, characters are aligned with one of fifteen philosophical factions, each of which has a different view of the multiverse, and how things should be. In Sigil, the center of all, these fifteen factions vie for power over the minds of the many.

Planescape Setting Information

Races of the planes. From the Planeborn humanoids to the Astral Gith races, from the the mysterious Bladelings to the hive-minded Fomorians, the codex of races tells all.

The plotting Factions. Fifteen Factions, lined in a row - is it for truth, or is it for show? Find out here.

Planes of exsitence. There is alot more in the multiverse, beyond Sigil. Lann the chant on all of the rest of reality here.

Sigil, city of clashing philosophies. Learn the dark behind Sigil, City of Doors, the Lady's Cage, the Center of the Universe, and all that. See what's so sodding important about the place, that fifteen Factions have all set up kip.

Miscellany. The above hasn't boggled your brainbox yet?

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