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Faction Philosophy

"Born free. We are free from any past, present, or future. Live, but live free. Never swear allegiance to one side or another, for choosing one over the other invariably leads to ties to another being... ties that nobody needs. We are the Free League. We live and die alone, and nobody's going to tell us otherwise."

"Lemme alone, berk! I ain't got no time for your soddin' thought-guilds. Leave a poor ol' shopkeeper to his work. The 'Free League'? Oh, that's just there so none of YOU PEOPLE come around and try to get me to join. Out!"

"Breathe free, think free, die free. We ain't going to be an organised part of Sigil and we ain't going to cowtow to anyone's beliefs but my own. Protect your own, but think for yourself in all things: whenever one finds that they have become a part of the majority, then they are wrong."
- Various members of the Free League, or "The Indeps"

"Keep your friends close, and push your enemies away. The Harmonium is out to clean the streets of our "filthy" presence, but we will survive. Keeping to the back alleys and out of the light of Truth, the Hardheads seek to exterminate our kind. I say, it's time to fight back. Organise the Free League, give us representation in Sigil, and expose the atrocities of the Harmonium!"
- An Anarchist posing as an Indep

Faction Overview

The Free League, or most commonly the "Indeps", are some of the most liberal minds in Sigil. Of course, it's a trying sign of the city that the Indeps are being destroyed as surely as they step foot in the town. In Sigil, being an Indep ain't easy: you've got quite a few things to look out for. These would be, in order, the Harmonium, then everyone else. Nobody likes an Indep because it's a sure thing that they won't agree with you, and nobody likes being disagreed with, eh? The Free League believes above all things that they should remain unencumbered of the crippling ideologies that bind the rest of the torus-city that is Sigil. They believe in totally independant thought, and don't like being told what to do. In all things they live independently. But independence has a price... especially in the Cage.

First off all, being a Free Leager makes sure that you're dirt poor. The Free League, without a factional heirarchy to supply jobs and other sundry work, usually ends up just trying to scrape by. They usually fill their days with attempting to work to stay a living... if they were members of a real faction they'd have their days filled with various jobs that, although they would pay quite well, would be betraying exactly who they were and what they believed. Most Free Leaguers are content to remain without representation in the Hall of Speakers and without any form of heirarchy or leadership. They gain no benefits from faction membership, no money, nothing. They stand and fall alone. That is the life of an Indep.

Most Indeps are forced to sell out a bit, if they wish to stay alive. Either they become merchants and sellers of goods and wares to the other factions (and they'd better be popular enough to pay for rent, food, plus any taxes the Fated pile on) or they become mercenaries, selling their makeshift swords to whoever cares to employ them, usually the Doomguard, Fated, or others who need cheap protection and don't really care that they have to hire out of their faction.

There are rumors... rumors, just rumors, that is, that there's some strange, unknown virus striking at the heart of the Free League, trasmitted by Indeps. Perhaps other factions simply act as carriers? All that's known is that the disease is fatal: Indeps die usually only a week after contracting it, and it seems to strike completely at random. It's not the Harmonium that's striking them down... and the disease only occurs in Sigil.

Faction Life

The Indeps, by their vary nature, are drawn from all walks of life: it is impossible to pin them down under one or two specific jobs. However, the majority of the Indeps that do exist are usually either merchants from the Outlands who have come to Sigil to make a profit or are hired muscle, selling their weapons to whomever would have them. The former type Indeps usually have a hard enough time surviving in Sigil, between the taxes of the Fated and the repression of the Harmonium. The second sort are the ones that usually have an easier time of staying alive: they hire out their sword arms to the highest bidder, doing guard, escort, and sometimes even darker deeds: some serve the Anarchists and Doomguard: if the price is right.


As the Indeps are almost a null faction, they have very little allies or enemies. Notable among their allies are the Fated, who can appreciate the Indeps' strength of will and their ability to survive when seemingly everything is thrown at them.


The Harmonium, however, dislike the free spirit of the Indeps and see them as troublemakers who basically say, "We don't know what we believe, but we know that you're wrong." Not usually an attitude that gets one on the good side of the Harmonium.

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