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Faction Philosophy

"I joined the Harmonium about three years ago. I had heard rumors about a vicious gang roaming the streets. Then my brother fell to their leaden pipes. I wanted to get back at them... there was nobody to keep the order in Sigil, I thought. Then I learned about the Harmonium. Sure, people call them "Hardheads" and claim that they "keep down Sigil", but in reality, they're really nice people. It's our job to make sure that criminals just slip through the cracks... we are the Harmonium. We keep Sigil safe for honest folk that just want to work for a living. It's no surprise that all sorts of merchants and shopowners join the Harmonium: they know that in unity, there is strength. When you're a member of the Harmonium, it's not just joining a military organisation that keeps Sigil safe... you're actually joining a family. One of the largest families in the multiverse."

"Law-breaking scum. I can't believe that The Lady lets this wretched refuse onto my teeming shore, because I'm the garbage man. If someone crosses me, then they'd better watch out: I am the Law in this ward, and I'm not taking no guff from free-thinkers and others that think they run this city. That's because I'm here. I'm here to clear up all you pointy-eared, goat-legged, tanar'ri-loving freaks. I'm sick and tired of homes being set ablaze, the Revolutionary League symbol being displayed everywhere I look, my fellow soldiers are being insulted and killed for what they believe in... we've needed to put down the boot long ago. And it's time to squish this town like an orange and pop all the bad seeds out of it."

Faction Overview

The Harmonium are the red-armed soldiers that guard Sigil from the law-breaking and those that would threaten the safety of the normal citizen. Their headquarters are the Barracks in the Lady's Cage and they're led by Sarin, a paladin of St. Cuthbert, who's a deity determined to beat people into order. Harmonium patrols are often seen parading around the Lady's Ward in their shiny red armor, breaking up rioters and putting Sigil into a clamp. Some would say (most likely the Anarchists and Xaosmen) that they're the "Hardheads", and they're out to make Sigil into their little Arcadian paradise, but to the average citizen, they're all that's protecting them from fiends and other things that don't belong in the natural world. The Harmonium is primarily composed of paladins and soldiers marching to put Sigil onto a new beat: one of law and order.

It's an uphill battle.

Of course, not every member of the Harmonium is a soldier of goodness. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts... well, you know. There are those members of the faction that seem to think that their membership in the Harmonium gives them the power to do anything they want. Sadly enough, these are quite often the stereotype: these are the ones that people group the entire faction by, and they're the types that people expect to see. While it's true that not all members of the Harmonium are the most upright and good of everyone (and they quite often get driven near insanity because of the flamboyant disrespect that many have for the laws of Sigil), the majority of them aren't the type that will bust an Indep down in the middle of the street for jaywalking. Even the worst of them aren't that bad... they'd probably move to a back alley for that.

The Harmonium believe in creating the Arcadian ideal: everyone thinking the same, acting the same, and everything will be perfect. No more problems to the world if we move as a group, think as a good, live as a group, die as a group, dream as a group, and despair as a group. Some want to force Sigil into that mold... some others want to simply root out the troublemakers and let the populace of Sigil choose order for themselves. As usual, it's the loud ones that get noticed and the quiet ones passed over... but in the end, they are all Harmonium. They will bring law and order to Sigil, or they will die in the attempt.

Faction Life

The Harmonium usually make themselves out into the military types: if they're not patrolling around the city within the presence of their higher-ups, enforcing peace and law within the rough and rowdy streets of Sigil. A dangerous job, true, but one that earns quick success and advancement within the ranks of the Harmonium. There are those officers that take on the role of detective, searching through the city in search of known and wanted criminals. They are the Inspectors. Also there are the Harmonium Officers that guard the Barracks and Interrogate prisoners that have dared to break Sigil's laws.

Finally, there are the most rare of the members of the Harmonium: the spies. They inflitrate Anarchist cells, suppresing their innate desires and beliefs, and worm their way into other factions to discover traitors to Sigil and the Law of the Lady. It is suspected that they have a leak within the Will of One that's going to let them know when their leader oversteps her bounds and starts the outright worshipping of Aoskar. It is likely that there are many such other members of the faction, hiding in the shadows and working secretly for the ends of their faction.


The Guvners and Mercykillers form with the Harmonium the triad of law: The Guvners make the laws, the Harmonium enfore them, and the Mercykillers punish the guilty. All three factions work very closely together to make sure Sigil stays clean.

The Archons of Mount Celestia and almost all denizens of Arcadia are the friends of the Harmonium, as they enforce the ideals of both law and goodness, just like the Harmonium does.

The Baatezu of Baator are viewed in two ways by the Harmonium: the more staunch and righteous members try to tolerate them because of their lawful outlook, but distrust them because of their bent towards evil. However, the more... seedy members of the faction admire the baatezu (some even are baatezu!)

The Modrons of Mechanus are respected by the Harmonium for their devotion to law and order, although not many rogue modrons join the ranks of the Harmonium, opting instead to pursue the study of law.

The Guardinals of Elysium are more of a null-sector for the Harmonium. The Harmonium trust them... to a degree (as long as they aren't doing unlawful acts). The Guardinals really don't care about the Harmonium, seeing Sigil as a distraction. When in the city, they respect the authority of the Harmonium as long as the soldiers aren't going too much against the precepts of goodness.


The Harmonium don't quite get along with the entropy-centered Doomguard (who usually help to further the chaos and disorder in Sigil).

The Free League thinks too "out of the box" for the Harmonium, and it's whispered that certain members of the Harmonium has taken to beginning an underground campaign to rid the city of them.

It's no surprise that groups like Xaositects and the Revolutionary League find themselves on the wrong end of the Harmonium all the time. Their beliefs and ideals are completely contrary to that which the Harmonium stands for. If a member of the Anarchists is unveiled by the Harmonium, he shouldn't expect to be one for much longer.

The Signers run the Hall of Speakers, which creates a good deal of distrust from the Harmonium: why aren't they running it, after all? Also, their overinflated egos quite often cause trouble. The Harmonium doesn't like trouble.

The Sensates, in their hedonistic desire for new experiences, often find themselves in the middle of (or causing) situations that aren't quite the most orderly. However, because of the power that the Sensates weild, the Harmonium is pretty wary around them.

The Tanar'ri, Yugoloths, Eladrin, and Slaad, with their hatred of either law or goodness (or both), find themselves the target of Harmonium attention very often. Basically, anyone who likes chaos or evil won't find many friends in the Harmonium.

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