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"Better the heartfelt devotion of a free soul than the grudging obedience of a slave."
-- Githzerai saying.

Race Overview

The githzerai people are humanoid, with pale yellowish skin and pointed ears. Githzerai eyes are usually yellow or grey, and hair color is almost always black. Unusually tall and thin, githzerai often tend to be a bit more fragile than other races; however, they often live to be over 300 years old. Githzerai clothing tends to be drab, but practical.

Humorless and almost as unfriendly as the githyanki, the githzerai live in specially-constructed cities within the soupy mass of Limbo. Individuals known as Anarchs (not to be confused with the Anarchists) have the gift of being able to shape the formless matter of the plane into landscapes and even buildings; without the Anarchs, the githzerai cities would simply dissolve away into Limbo. Currently, their largest city, Shra'kt'lor, holds over 2 million people, a gigantic stronghold. Merchants and visitors are always welcome, but outsiders are always carefully scrutinized by the suspicious githzerai.

The githzerai's king, Zaerith Menyar-Ag-Gith, is said to be immortal. Under his direction, the githzerai plan raids on the both the githyanki and the illithids. King Zaerith also encourages something that the flamboyant githyanki would never consider; thievery. Reasoning that the skills of a common burglar are just as useful for infiltrating githyanki settlements, Zaerith has even gone so far as setting up a special place in the Floating City (the githzerai centre of magical training) to educate githzerai in the fine arts of stealth.

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