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Race Overview

Githyanki are tall humanoids with rough yellow skin, varying in color from a bright yellow to a deep orange. Their eyes are deep-set into their skulls and a solid black, and their hair is usually black as well. Their ears are pointed, drooping slightly at the tips, and are sometimes marked with ridges and notches from githyanki cultural ceremonies. Clothing is an elaborate affair for the githyanki, who appreciate bright colors, abstract designs, and intricate jewellery, weapons, and armor.

Among their own kind, the githyanki are peaceful, polite, and respectful. One githyanki would never attack another -- at the very worst, githyanki can be a bit snobbish towards each other. Though githyanki society is a military one, with both women and men training to be wizards and warriors, they consider personal freedoms and independence highly important. The architecture of their floating Astral fortresses is ornate and baroque, and they even build large sailing-ships, with cone-shaped sails to catch the astral wind.

However, when it comes to other races, the githyanki are completely xenophobic. They hate virtually everything not githyanki, and delight in the conquest, torture, and destruction of all beings not of their race. Valueing their isolation in the Astral, unwary travellers can end up in the dead-book, just for wandering too close to a githyanki citadel.

Queen Vlaakith CLVII, the githyanki Revered Queen (known as the "Lich-Queen" to all others), rules over the githyanki race from her palace in the city of Tu'narath. The fact that their Queen happens to be a life-sucking undead being doesn't seem to worry the githyanki; to them, she is the closest thing to a god. The githyanki make the occasional ritual sacrifice to her, and her knights have a special, near-priestly, status.

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