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Race Overview

Beyond, far beyond the Outer Planes, lie the Inner Planes. Places of reality, they encompass the core building blocks of all matter: fire, earth, air, and water. The union of a planar and... well, something else that's borne of one of the core elemental planes, each of the four type of genasi are unique. Those spawned of an airy parent stand tall and arrogant, seeing themselves created from the very substance that all need to survive, a substance that they do not defile by inhaling and exhaling. They are tall, thin, and their skin is an alabaster, like the most perfect marble. Those of water find themselves able to coexist both within the homes of their liquid parent and the home of their mortal parent. To them, the infinite beauties of the sea call to them, and they are easily recognised by their pale skin, their flowing hair, their blue-green eyes, and the constant smell of brine that surrounds them. Slow and stolid, the creatures of Earth are shorter than their other genasi brethren. However, they are as powerful as a creature of rocks and find their base elemental material as easy to pass through as air. Of course, in Sigil the walls are nothing but "base elemental material"; earth genasi have to in and out through the doors like anyone else. Their bodies look like a scrambled mix and matching of soil and rocks; their eyes are a solid gray, and as they move, it is like the earth itself moves. They are quick to nothing, not even movement, always thinking out the ramifications of their actions and if, in the long run, their decisions would have any consequence. It is not easy to get the earth to move. Lastly, the fire genasi, like their element, are quick to move and quick to act. Fire replaces their hair, and their skin has a definite reddish tint to it. No flame can hurt them, and they can even manipulate already existing flames to their own desire. In their eyes are the dancing spirits of their kin: they know what they are, and they do not forget.

Race Life

As a general rule, the genasi view themselves above the rest of the multiverse. Formed out of the elements that make every creatures exist, they believe that they are better, more powerful individuals because of the blood that runs through their veins. However, they were formed in another multiverse: the Outer Planes are new to them, and they lie open, its fruits unknown for them, ripe for the picking. They might see themselves as explorers, striking out for new areas of Sigil, learning all that there is to know about the streets of the Wards, exploring every nook and cranny. They search down new portals, learn new streets, and meet everyone that they come across. These are not exactly common (though not completely uncommon, either): many genasi see only the importance of themselves in the multiverse. Some rise to the positions of power within their factions, demanding respect through the very force and birthright of their blood.

Allies and Enemies

Having been born outside of the lands of belief that are the Outer Planes, genasi tend to get the peery eye in their factions from those that were born in Sigil or beyond. The genasi are about reality, the planars are born of belief. In fact, a condescending term for the planars used by the genasi to refer to their blind idealism: "dreamers". However, most genasi that end up on the Outer Planes do so out of curiousity to see what the "dream" might be. Of course, genasi of the diametrically aligned elements tend not to get along very well. However, they usually leave their elemental violence and wars in the Inner Planes... usually. One water genasi will usually have a kind word for another one of her species, of course. 

Other allies and enemies of the genasi tend to be on a more individual level, with the genasi making their own enemies and allies as things go forward in their experiences of the Outer Planes.

Faction Views

The two factions that draw the most genasi would naturally be the Sign of One and the Society of Sensation. The genasi that would be attracted to the those Sign of One that would be those that view themselves superior because of their bloodline. The Society of Sensation would be the choice for the genasi that are curious about the new world that they have stumbled upon. The powers aren't really a major force in the Inner Planes, so the Athar attract a few more than usual. Other factions, however, also attract the genasi almost evenly. Faction philosophies are new and strange to the genasi, and so they tend to appeal to the individual genasi for different reasons. As a rule, genasi in the Outer Planes join the factions, looking for guidance. They rarely join the more loose factions like the Free League, as those are a null-sector, seeking a concrete set of morals and ideology to rule their lives.

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