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Q: Why can't I be a Harmonium, Guvner, Xaositect, Doomguard, Anarchist, or Mercykiller?

A: Because we are focusing the MUSH on the philosophical and political interactions between the factions, the groups that have a tendency to create violent conflict or wield too much IC power are currently closed to open submission. While it is not true that all members of those factions are that exact way, we would prefer to focus on the factions that do not lead easily lead themselves to violent combat. If you wish to be a member of one of these factions, you should follow the special application process on the website, detailed at the bottom of the Chargen page.

Q: What should I put in a special application?

A: Basically, to get a special application accepted, you have to convince the wizards that you're a good enough roleplayer to play a faction or race that might be easily abused in the wrong hands. Putting in your characters background, and current personality, and his goals is very good: but we also would like to know how you as the player would like to take the character, your perspective on RP, etc. You're much more likely to be accepted when you tell us how you want to use such a character. In your submission, use good English: we want to be able to understand you and make sure that you can be coherent in conveying your ideas.

Q: What qualifies "good" roleplay (RP)?

A: The most important thing about creating good roleplay, hereafter RP, is to make your character come alive for those around you. This is very difficult to do with one line 'say' commands or brief 'pose' commands. A good pose length is usually between four and ten lines: over it and the pose usually becomes excessive and under it, usually the poses become less descriptive. Another 'no-no' would be doing multiple lines of 'say' or 'pose'; it's almost always better to fit multiple commands into one bulk 'pose' command, so that the flow of RP doesn't go too quickly for people that like to go slower. At the end, the best RP looks and reads like a book: a book with many authors and a book that can be indeed most eloquent and enjoyable to participate in the creation of. The amount of fun that RP usually is is related to the amount of effort put into it.

Q: Is there an easier way to get around Sigil than CW and CC?

A: No, although the maps on the Maps page make it easier to get accustomed to the city.

Q: Do you plan on making Sigil bigger, or building more cities?

A: We have no idea. Considering the size of our current player base, the size of Sigil suits the MUSH perfectly - but in the future, as our numbers increase, so will the size of Sigil. As for Outer Planar cities and other locations, the new portal system that we have in place should be more than sufficient for all your plane-travelling desires.

Q: Why can't we have items?

A: Amount of DB space that we run the MUSH off of is very small. As such, we'd like to keep DBspace that we can't control on a limited basis. If you want an item for a coding project, just ask the Wizards, telling them what you want to do with it, and we'll get back to you.

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