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These are commands specific to the Lady's Cage mush, such as belief points and a portals system.

Information Commands

+help topic - Access help on most of the commands listed here. +help by itself lists all currently entered help topics.

+iwho - Lists all the current players and their race, fatcion, and position.

+awho - Lists all players (whether connected or not) that are in your faction.

+factors - Displays all active faction heads and informs you as to whether or not they're online. Feel free to approach your particular factor for faction-related information and whatnot.

+npcs - Lists any Uncaged or Factol's Manifesto NPCs currently in play.

+census - Lists the races and factions, detailing how many players are in each.

+admin - Lists all the happy admin and if they're currently connected.

+stats - Lists all your statictics and remaining belief points.

+bg/view - Allows you to look at your background.

Rolling System

The dice system is meant to be used as a guideline for RP. It is not mandatory. However, when RPing such tricky situations as combat, it is helpful in determining outcomes between two characters.

+roll stat - Emits the result of your roll to everyone in the room.
+broll stat - Uses a 'belief point' (gained through RP) to augment a roll.
+roll/me stat - Emits the result only to yourself.
+roll/other names=stat -Emits the result to yourself and a group of others.

Money System

+cash - Gives a list of the amount of money that you currently carry. 
+pay recipient=cash amount -Gives specified amount to another player. 
+paycheck - Gives you a weekly faction paycheck.

Factol - Factor Commands
+reward recipient=amount - Gives a specified person an amount from the faction expense pool. The transaction is marked in the +pool. 
+pool - Gives a list of all faction expense withdrawls.

Portal System

Portals give life to Sigil, putting it at the center of the multiverse and making it a place of commerce, trade, tourism, and travel. They can allow travel to anywhere in the multiverse, from the depths of Baator to the highest peaks oh Mount Celestia. But while a portal can lead to all number of places, it always needs a gatekey, some object, action, or thought that a planewalker must use to open the portal, turning what might be an ordinary archway into a gate to another place.

+sense - Senses if any exits leading from the room are portals. Only planar-borne characters can use this command.

+portal exit gatekey - Opens a portal if you know the proper key. Once the portal is open, simply walk through the portal to the destination. Careful though, the portal only opens for a few seconds and everyone who's going through better do so. Also note that your character needs to roleplay how he's opening the portal with the key, whether passing some old rusty nail under an archway or screaming into a doorway.

+lportals - This command lists all common portals and those known to your characters faction. It's not always complete though, as some destinations and gatekeys might be unkown. Try roleplaying with other characters (or possibly a bit of a bribe of jink, eh?) to gather the location of other portals.

Kip Renting System

From lowly razorvined kips to extravagant high-up mansions, any type of building can be rented by garnishing the right palms. While most sods do with staying in the numerous inns of the city (or sleeping with the cranium rats in the gutters) a few spivs will want to melt their jink and get a place of their own they can call home, at least until the Fated taxman comes calling.

Note: You need to speak to an admin about setting up a session where you can rent a kip from a Fated member or npc.

&building-desc me=description - This will take the text that you set and include it as a second paragraph in the text of some of the rental rooms. It should be noted that not all of the rooms have this ability: only those rooms whose rent costs 15 jinx or more do.

+lock - This command will lock the door from having people other than the owner enter. It is usable only by the present renter. Again: not all rooms have this ability.

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