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Faction Philosophy

"Burn it, burn it all. It's all been a bleeding error up to this point, just one stupid error after another, and I'm sick and sodding tired of it all. The status quo doesn't care about philosophy anymore, the status quo cares about remaining the status quo. Most corrupted of all are the factols, the Fat Cats. Sitting around in their luxurious apartments, surrounded by their hordes of followers... well, then of course they'll forget about philosophy. Of course they'll be lured by the shine of gold... of course they'll forget belief. They need to be taught that for the real truth to be seen, there must be the destruction of all that the factions hold dear. First their followers, then their prestige, and most of all their money. For when the factions are pulled down, we'll all be able to find the real darks of the multiverse without those sodding thought-guilds in the way."

"Death! Death to the arisocrats and the fat pigs in their high houses of Sigil! Death, death, death, and death! Burn it, burn it all to the ground and make sure nobody tries to build them up again! Long live the eternal revolution!"

"Things are wrong. Things are wrong in in the planes, and it's time for a change. When people are aware, then they'll change for themselves. We only have to show them the truth, and they'll walk away from their misdirected factions without a second thought."

Faction Overview

It's one of the multiversal rules that whenever there is someone in charge, there's someone who wants to be in that position. Equally, there are those that would change those in power and replace the systems of government with new ones more adequately suited to someone's goals, be they the goals of some power, the goals of the people, or the goals of some would-be tyrant. At the most visible center of the multiverse, the City of Doors, things are no different. The Revolutionary League, called by many the "Anarchists" are a group of disgruntled revolutionaries with dreams of seeing the City of Doors burn to the ground so that they can start all over again.

Well, that's not completely true. See, only the most visible Anarchists are like that... and you almost never see the Anarchists. Such notorious cells as the Cadre and the Order of the Bloody Hand are known throughout the city for their acts of terrorism and murder against the Harmonium and other symbolos of authority. They act on their own with full knowledge that if captured they fade an almost immediate death sentence at the hands of the Triad of Law. However, that's the whole point of being an Anarchist, a member of the Revolutionary League: your very nature is Illegal. If you are found out... well, then, you're pretty much guaranteed a death at the hands of the Mercykillers. The more "peaceful" Anarchists quietly deliver propaganda or sell disquieting secrets to the highest bidder, hoping to get the factions to annihilate themselves.

The ultimate goal of the Revolutionary League is unknown. Each member of the league is a member of a specific cell of four or five members, and only the leader of the cell has contact with other at most two or three other cells of the Revolutionary League. These cells are completely independant of one another, although a few share common goals among themselves. However, the very nature of the Revolutionary League is one beset by turmoil and inner strife. They just can't seem to get along, can't seem to agree, can't seem to focus. If they did focus on one faction or another, they'd probably be able to begin to topple them, one at a time. But they can't work like that. Cloak, dagger, independant strikes, by themselves, relying only on themselves, knowing full well the rewards for failure. They are the Anarchists.

Faction Life

The Anarchists never just have a "normal day on the job". Rather, they are always out and about, posing as almost any of the jobs that members of other factions might take up. However, they rarely reach positions of high authority, and they usually manipulate their new positions to their fullest potential too quickly, too soon; they cannot help but attempt to bring down the establishment and spread the truth to the masses. Some Anarchists bury their way into the factions, then spread out whatever darks that they might stumble upon to the highest bidder. Others sell themselves out as hired killers: but they rarely move to the target - sometimes they'll even show up at the door of their employer with their knife fully drawn.


In their struggle for freedom (or destruction), the Anarchists can count on the aid of the Doomguard, the Xaosmen, and the the Free League. However, the last two ones are tenative: not even overthrowing the bourgeois swine is always exciting for the Xaositects and the Free League is too independant to side as a group with any one faction or another.


Just about everyone that plans on living a life in Sigil is the enemy of the Anarchists. Even other Anarchists. The Anarcists are going to have to overthrow every faction in Sigil, even themselves. This attitude wins them no favors from anyone. The Harmonium, Mercykillers, and the Guvners have declared that they will not rest until the Revolutionary League (and all of their associates, in case there was any doubt) is destroyed. None of the other non-entropy based factions even associate with members of the Anarchists except in the most dire of circumstances (that is, when they stand to gain something rather large from the encounter, like the degradation of their own enemies).

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