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Race Overview

Sigil is a world where good and evil collide on a daily basis; where they meet just walking down the street, and where the winged angels of the heavens can interact with the mere mortals that are beneath them. It is little surprise then that the aasimar have come into existence. Borne with one parent a celestial and the other a mortal, they are the literal product of a union between the heavens and the earth. Their eyes give a hint of their celestial upbringing: in them dance the fires of heaven. They know the truth, for they have come with the heritage of the Upper Planes in their very bloodstream. Sometimes, more obvious traits appear within an aasimar's physical appearance, making it impossible for them to mask their celestial parentage: a pair of feathery wings, a furry face, an obtrustive feline tail. The majority of them, however, are borne looking as normal humanoids with less obvious traits: perhaps golden eyes or silverish hair. They are the children born of the heavens, and as such high expectations lie on their shoulders.

Race Life

Unlike their lower planar counterparts the Tieflings, the aasimar are usually borne to a good home or two parents that love them and care about them. They are fed the food of the powers and treated like proxies-in-training: because that's often what they are. As such, there's a fair deal of expectation about them: the aasimar are supposed to grow up to be their celestial parent's spitting image: honorous, virtuous and true. Some meet these expectations. Some do not. Those that do are seen in Sigil carrying blades forged from the heavens, knowing that they have the backing of any forces for good that exist in the world. Those that do not slink into the taverns, their heritage a scar on their race that they cannot remove. The former are the most common: the desire for free will and choice is not often built into the aasimar. They desire concrete faction philosophies, not vague or nonexistant ones.

Usually, the aasimar find it easy to succeed in Sigil. Their celestial blood and heritage makes them easily trusted by the people of Sigil. Rumors float around that it's impossible for an aasimar to tell a falsehood: these are ingrained into the culture of the Lower Ward like so many other old wives's tales and outlandish stories. The aasimar make friends easily and as such usually have large numbers of contacts throughout Sigil. Some take this advantage and manipulate it, working as merchants and business associates, tying their heritage to the raw accumulation of jink. One such merchant in Spiral Hal'oight, an aasimar in the Lady's Ward who deals in all sorts of goods.

Of course, there are the villains of the aasimar society. Rare, yes. Very rare. But not as rare as one might think. There are those mothers that become enamoured of a celestial parent and then realise that their child will be little more than a puppet. These mothers flee and usually teach their children to hate their fathers and all that they stand for. When grown up, they serve as assassins, thieves, and other dubious professions, hiding their black and twisted hearts behind their glittering eyes, pearly skin, and a smiling face.

Allies and Enemies

It goes without saying that those of the Lower Planes, the Fiends, find the aasimar repulsive. However, some of the intelligent Yugoloths and Baatezu have managed to harness the easily manipulated aasimar for their own ends, leading the do-gooders along paths where the puppet always believes that they are doing the right thing. In secret the accomplish the fiend's goal... and when they find this out, it nearly kills them. The Tanar'ri usually just play with their heads: there is a standing bounty in Azzagrat, a realm of the Abyss, for aasimar heads.

The Tieflings hate the aasimar more. The tieflings are the outcasts of the planes, the Calibans, the forgotten or cast out of the children. They never were given the opportunities that the aasimar were, even though their blood is just as befouled as theirs - but only with a different sort of pollutant. The feeling is more than mutual. The aasimar, like their celestial parents, see the tieflings as the scum of the multiverse, things that rightfully shouldn't exist. They reason that if it comes from a fiend, then it has to be evil, right? Not all aasimar follow those tenets exactly, but it's always in the back of their mind when they deal with the tieflings. A general fealing of unease, wariness. Aasimar know that the tieflings hate them. To some degree, they even fear them.

Faction Views

The factions that tend to attract the aasimar are the ones with a focus on the self and the improvement of the self. Most live in the shadow of their parents, and wish to be as holy and mighty as they. The Believers of the Source are a natural. The Sign of One, with its emphasis on creation and imagination, is a close second, while many sign up with the Society of Sensation and the Transcendant Order, hoping to feel the vibrations, sounds, and smells of the multiverse. The more ordered, usually with a streak of archon blood in them, sign with the Harmonium, the Fraternity of Order, or the Mercykillers. Factions that rarely see aasimar members are the Doomguard, Dustmen, and Bleak Cabal. Their entropic views don't quite mesh with the aasimar ideals of perfection and self-improvement.

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