Mount Olympus, the Seat of the Gods, the Pillar of the Planes

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When in Rome...
By Leir the Explorer
(Planar / male tiefling / R12 / Athar / NG)
(by Greg Jensen )

Mount Olympus. We all know it's a major feature of Arborea, and the home of a pantheon of powers called the Olympians or Greek "Gods." 'Course, as an Athar, I have to tell you these so-called Gods are not all they claim to be. They bicker and argue among themselves more than a Xaositect and a Guvner playing knucklebones, and over such petty things. If they are "supreme beings," I'll stay inferior, thanks.

Anyway, Olympus is also one of those planar pathways. You know, a feature that exists in several planes simultaneously, and can be used to access one plane from another. Most people know that Olympus also connects to Hades, the realm in the Grey Waste of the grim berk of the same name. It also hooks up to Aeaea, Hectae's realm in Baator, and at least at one time it connected to Tarterus, the realm of the fallen Titans on Carceri. It even is remotely connected to Strife Unforgiving, Eris' realm in Discordia, and Nike's realm on K'un Lun (see Planes of Cordance for more on that). In my explorations of Olympus, I found another noteworthy discovery.

One trail on Olympus less travelled led me to Buxenus, the second layer of Arcadia. Mt. Olympus exists on this plane as well, all but unknown to most planewalkers. Several fraudulent powers exist here, too. They match the alignment of their plane for the most part, being about as passionate and libertine as a Hardhead clerk. However, they seem strangely familiar to anyone who has experience with the petty and self-indulgent Greek pantheon. The head of this new pantheon, Jupiter or Jove, carries thunderbolts and is married-but-not-faithful to Juno, a power of marriage and motherhood. Venus is the most passionate deity here, being a power of love and beauty. Her husband, Vulcan, dwells under Mt. Olympus at his forge. Mars and Minerva, two war "gods," are bitter rivals. Ceres and Bacchus are the two main agricultural powers. Neptune rules the nearby seas, and Mercury acts as a courier to these powers.

It is too strong a resemblance to the Greek pantheon to ignore, yet they are different. They claim to be the "Roman" pantheon, whatever that means. They place a greater emphasis on maintaining order in society (or, as they seem to call it, "The Empire") than the Greek pantheon ever would, but are in every other way the same.

So what does this all mean? Are these the same powers? Maybe their deluded followers have different interpretations of the same deities, and the same individuals appear differently and on different planes to match these conceptions. Maybe they have actually become different gods altogether to match the belief of their followers. Anyway, it's a mystery. If you ask me (and even if you didn't), it's just more proof that the powers are only as all-powerful as their followers imagine them to be.

A Mountful of Fiends
by Rathinayr Crovaxius, Tiefling Shadowmancer of Mask
(by Chet Reeder)

Alright berk stop rattling your bone box and listen up. No what I will be telling you, you might think as blubber, but you never do know, do ya berk? Anyway, I was with some fellows doing a job for one of the high up men in Sigil, and what did I spy on my way to a burg upon Mt. Olympus.

You know, that big mountain in Arborea, too pretty for my tastes. I'm getting off track here... well we were travelling along, looking at the trees and such, then without warning we stumbled upon an encampment of nupperibo, with some berk in standing there talking, I guess that is what you could call it. What this means I am not sure but something's fishy upon the Mount if baatezu are crawling upon it. Filthy baatezu they are... well, they caught our scent and I was the only one of our party not having gone barmy or sent to the dead book. Well I went about my job and with a few extra jink I found out from some Bleakers here in the Cage that some more baatezu have been sighted in that very same area, of course those Bleakers are touched in the head none the less. For more jink you could always hear the rest of the story berk....

Alright so I guess I will rattle my bone box a bit more for another drink. Well I went back to that accursed Mount, creeping back where I last saw the baatezu and well let me just say... they must have found a nice little portal to the Upper Planes... but of course who ever trusts a tiefling anyway?

Mount Olympus

Being a collection of several burgs of the Mount, and an overview of the peaks themselves.

Powers that Be

Being a collection of some of the Less-Known powers who make their kips on Mount Olympus.
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