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12th Jan 2010

Hey berks! What happened... you step into the Astral Plane for just a second and suddenly ten years have whizzed by. Did someone spike my drink with Styx Water again? Don't get your baatezu in a twist though, I've dropped back into the Cage to fix it up real nice but whether or not there'll be time for new material, well, we'll have to wait and see...

2nd June 2000

SIGIS 29: Issue 29 is fast selling out at the newsstands, cutters! Read about the latest newschant from Sigil and beyond, for a mere two stingers!

1st June 2000

Planar Races: Broaden your mind by playing a character more scaly than a tiefling, more hairy than a bariaur, more chaotic than a githzerai or more liable to turn to stone than any of the above! Meet the new player character races for the Outer and Inner Planes!

Sprechen-Ze Cant? Simply, it's the biggest update to the Cant Dictionary ever! One hundred and twenty brand new cant terms have been recorded from the streets of the Cage to the depths of the Inner Planes, and lots more places in between. Voila!'s also recorded all the old cant terms we know and love and added those too, making his dictionary the definitive guide to planar slang. "Oi mate, don't mean to bark, but that adam of yours is bad blood, a real beau-nasty. He took me for a bleeding cully and sold me the black diamond. I may not know all the Abyssal Lords, but if he gives me the laughing hand again I'll make sure his mail is delivered." Confused? You will be!

Fortune Tellers: Hanging around the Great Bazaar does funny things with your brain-box, or so I've been led to believe. Here then are six cutters who've done nothing but that for longer than I care to remember. They're certainly a bit odd, because they claim to be able to tell your future. Or change it, or prevent it, or imagine it. Cross their palms with silver, if you're interested, or let me save you the trouble and tell you all about them.

Economy of the Planes: Primes have names for coins, and so do planars. Except on the infinite planes, there's a damn sight more names. I don't claim to know all of them, but if you ask nicely, and I'm in a remembering mood, I'll tell you about the ones I've encountered. Why spend gold when you can spend the trapped souls of petitioners? Learn what to call a silver piece without embarrasing yourself in Sigil, and find out whether a möbius is worth fifty torus, or the other way around. It wouldn't do to get sold a black diamond now, would it?

1st May 2000

SIGIS 28: Issue 28 is fast selling out at the newsstands, cutters! Read about the latest newschant from Sigil and beyond, for a mere two stingers!

7th March 2000

The Lady of Pain: A huge compilation of rumours and lies surrounding Our Serene Lady of Pain, from her origins to her future demise.

Files: A generous handful of new downloads, including colossal edited digests with hilights from past years of the Planescape Mailing List, a new freeform adventure "The Door to Everywhere", the Cant Dictionary, and a great map showing a basic view of the Planes.

Mephit Messages: Now you can send an Earth Mephit too...

Mapping Infinity: The Möbius Theory of the Planes, accorind to Zilith, a Mechanical parai.

Links: A revamped links page. Visit other official D&D sites, Planescape resources, or add your own link to the Mimir's open links page.

New Look: A new navigation bar for the main mimir pages, and lots of new quizlet all over the place!

30th January 2000

Files: Find a Hordling Generator and a huge new freeform adventure set in Ribcage, "City of Blood and Darkness"...

18th January 2000

SIGIS: Issue 27 out today! Read all about the latest chant from the Cage here. Only two stingers!

Mephit Messages: Three new mephits to offend your Dungeon Master with! Send one today, here, for free!

Official Planescape Site: The Mimir is now WotC's Official Planescape Fansite. Expect some changes, and a whole load of Official New Content, coming your way soon...

1st November 1999

SIGIS: The latest issue of Sigils Best-Known newsrag. This week's featured stories: Athar Trial Splits Faction, God of War Targets Peaceful Elves, Baatezu Issue Bounty, Umpleb Disrupts Council Vote, Triple Realm Sealed, Ribcage Broken?, Guvners like it Dead, Pages from the Mazes, Elysian Sport comes to Sigil, Tana's Religious Report, and much more...

22nd October 1999

Barmy to the Spire: A cant phrase meaning rather more than just "barmy", this is a collection of chant that can only be described as insane. Humourous stories, pun-creatures, wacky philosophies and much more can be found here, in the Mimir's updated-more-than-weekly new section. Boing!

6th October 1999

Mephit Messages: You can now send messages with an even greater range of contempt, with four new mephits to choose from: Air, Fire, Ice and Lightning.

Files: Come and find SIGIS issue 19 in PDF format, Ken Lipka's Philosophical calendar in PDF, more Planescape character sheets and a fantastic adventure called Rapture by Greg Jensen, all new on the downloadable files page!

22th September 1999

The Planescape Mailing List: The list is moving to a new server, and if you're going to keep up with it, you'll need the Mimir's Darks now! Happily, the chattering mimir will be happy to oblige you...

Mimir.Netbooks: The Musée Arcane, and Brix's Guide have now been added to the Netbooks page. That's pretty much the whole site there now, berk! Go download it and print it today!...

New Animated Welcome: Voilá! and the mimirs will keep you cutters abreast of the latest additions to the site or news from the plane on Mimir.Net's main page.

20th September 1999

The Wild Hunt: Being a Survey of the Myth and Fact surrounding the Celtic Wild Hunt, a bizarre phenomenon from the Outlands.

Mimir.Netbooks: Now the Mapping Infinity netbook is available, plus the antique Planescape Netbook, and a huge freeform adventure called Immortal Sins.

14th September 1999

New Mimir.Netbooks: Downloadable chunks of Mimiric wisdom in easy-to-print portions, thanks to Francois Mersch. You've been asking for them for ages, and they're finally here! You'll also find character sheets, the metallic graphics used on the site, fonts and much more to come soon!

Sprechen-Ze Cant? Fifty (yes, 50) new cant terms for the Planescape setting, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Don't jump out of the window when you see old metal head; even though you might rather kiss a succubus. You might end up getting hipped in a bad neighbourhood, and then you'd only get yourself boxed. Confused? You will be...

4th September 1999

Don't get Pulled! A timely low-down on the dangerous methods used by the seducing fiends, the succubus and erinyes, to lure mortals to their damnation. Better believe it's more sinister than a quick grope in the dark too, berk...get the chant here!

3rd September 1999

Voilá's Back! It's been far far too long, cutters. Blame the chaos imps, if you want a scapegoat...a bunch of 'em snuck into the mimirs and monkeyed around with their chant. A lucky contingency spell saved mimir users from their naughtiness, but Voilá's book of chant got scrambled and it's taken him a month to pick up the pages and get them in the right order again!

Mephit Messages: Thanks to the fact he owes Voilá! a major favour (the full story involves a succubus, a bottle of Styx water, and a jug of Arborean olive oil), the self-styled Mephit King Inpyrno has agreed to lend his services to Voilá! and his customers. That's you berks, see. Thanks to Inpyrno's blackmail-inspired generosity, you cutters can now send mephits to each other bearing messages good or ill...have fun with 'em!

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