Magnum Opus' Muse Arcane

Under the Rafters
The Mezzanine of Lies
The Ancient Planes,
The Quintessentials
The Garrett of the Nightmares

Up the Staircase of Agonies
The Library of Fools
The Subjective Inscription,
Thoth's Great Lie-brary,
The Codex of Infinite Planes
The Gallery of Venoms

At Street Level
The Vestibule
The Main Entrance
The Hall of Terrible Silence
The Pax Benevolus,
The Day the Angels Fell

The Musée's Bowels
The Cellar of Dark Secrets
The Soul Cage,
The Shame of the Baatezu
The Dungeon of Regret

The Musee Arcane Map

Please point at the part of the Musée which you wish to explore,
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NB: Chambers marked in red are not yet open for public viewing.
No sneaking past the barricades, berk! There's things that can hurt you in the back rooms!

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