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Magnum Opus Herself


The Mezzanine of Lies

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If you ain't afraid of heights, take a look over the balcony, cutter. There's quite a pretty view all down through the Musée; you can even see the bloodstained steps to the cellars. Don't lean too far, though: Had some nasty accidents recently. Could be invisible stalkers again; the assassin bashers've been detected here before. But not in the last few weeks, so probably not to worry, eh?

Why the Mezzanine of Lies? Well, for one I don't want to give visitors the wrong impression. It's always best to remain healthily sceptical of historians, even ones who research as thoroughly as myself. There's so very many charlatans about, that I wouldn't want you to accept all my chant without thinking. And if you have a think, and still like it, so much the better for me.

But the real reason for the name is a secret. It's one of the few thing I simply won't reveal. So don't ask me. I'll only get cross...

"Things as they Are
Things as they're Said to Be
Things as they Ought to be."

- Bas-Relief Carving on the Mezzanine of Lies

The Quintessentials

Any cutter worth his salt and pepper knows about the Powers and the Planeborne races. But what about the Powers of the Planeborne races? Don't hear much about them, do you? Sure, there are Baatezu temples, Abyssal Lord-Gods, the Eladrin worship their Faerie-Queen-Power, and the Archons have powers by the dozen on their Shining Mount. But ever heard of a Yugoloth Altar? Slaad saying prayers? Modrons splashing holy water around? Didn't think so. Ask this mimir nicely, and it'll tell you a little more of my theories on the subject...
MimirMimir, tell me More...

The Ancient Planes

 Now listen up, cutter. This ain't so much one single exhibit. It's more a collection of discoveries and observations that I've turned up during my researches. They'll doubtless be parts you don't believe, and probably parts you don't want to believe. But I'm confident that while it mightn't all be true, none of it's a lie. Alas, I cannot prove a word.

While most cutters think of the planes as having being created by the powers or some other Original Force, a lot of them also reckon the planes are eternal. Infinitely old, yet with a beginning? Sounds like a recipe for slaad stew, you might think, but think of the Spire. That's infinitely tall and yet had both a root and a tip. So maybe you shouldn't feel so uncomfortable about it after all. Ask the mimir nicely, and I'll spill many more lights to illuminate the dark...

MimirMimir, tell me More...

 Magnum Opus

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