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The Library of Fools

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 The Library of Fools, so-called because I get so many sodding sages trying to peek at my precious books. 'Course, being the over-zealous berks that they are, they sometimes forget to read the warning signs hung on hooks around the Library. It takes me ages to clear up the mess afterwards. Such a senseless waste of mortal life.

But you're less foolish, I hope. Please, please, don't go poking your sticky beaks into my books, it'll only end up nasty. However, I do have three exhibits in the Library that you don't need to fear, two of them books themselves. Hanging opposite the entranceway is my Subjective Inscription, which I assure you will look different whenever you have a crisis of faith. I still chuckle over the time a bunch of Hardheads came to blows over what the barmy thing said...

To the left you'll see my copy of the Codex of Infinite Planes. Don't touch it! Instead, ask the golden mimir floating above it to read some passages for you. It's one of my friendlier mimirs, so I'm sure you'll get along just fine.

And in the right alcove, there's something a little special; a tome that allegedly came all the way from Thoth's Library itself. This may well be true, for I've had proxies of the Power of Knowledge call at the Musée asking for a look around before. Render didn't let them in. But be wary; if you see a cutter with an ibis symbol hanging around when you leave, keep out of her way! The blasted woman's been lurking around the Musée for well over a cycle now. She gives me the creeps...

The Subjective Inscription

The Subjective Inscription? Now here's a bizarre relic. Carved into a block of semi-transparent Ethereal stone, and highlighted with platinum gothic lettering, the each letter is as large as your hand and is visible both in normal light and to infravision. The inscription alters itself to display the truth according to the reader's philosophy.

"Do not Believe
What you Cannot ___"

- The Subjective Inscription in the Library of Fools

For example, if you're a staunch Signer, the inscription reads "Do not believe what you cannot imagine". For a Sensate, the last word becomes "touch". Hardheads see "enforce" and Godsmen see "aspire to become". Xaositects read "alter", and Sinkers "corrupt". It's an exhibit of which I am particularly proud; I found it in a ruin somewhere in the Far Hinterlands. It took a pack of trained vorr three weeks to drag it back to a portal to the Cage, and a couple of high-up mages with levitation spells to lift it up to the Primary floor.

[Voilà! adds: When I asked her if it has any additional powers (for some have speculated the item may be psionic as it seems to radiate no magic), Magnum closed her bone-box fast. I left it at that, as she ain't the sort of person who takes kindly to nosey touts prying...]

The Codex of Infinite Planes

The Codex is a famous name on the Outer Planes, mainly because of the magical powers it's reputed to have. Some bashers reckon that they can use the old book to shift between planes at will. Well, that's as maybe, but my copy doesn't seem to allow this. Maybe it's because it's in Sigil, but I'm not willing to take it out of the Cage to test the hypothesis, I'm afraid. There've been all too many plots to steal the thing already (seems that power-crazed berks often jump to the conclusion that it could be used to break down the Doors of Sigil, or some such slaad-rot). I'm not about to give the addle-coves another chance to scrag it!

Anyway, this is an abridged version of the true tome itself, I'm told. Legend Lore spells show that it's a recent copy of the text, possibly scribed by Gehennan monks. Judging by the grim nature of the tales, I'd hazard that they left out the pleasant parts. If there ever were any!

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Thoth's Great Lie-Brary

This is one of my most popular exhibits, mainly because there's nearly always an Athar namer or three hanging around. You'll understand why when you've seen the piece, I think. But if you'll forgive me my sensationalism for a moment, I'd like to explain why this exhibit is presented in the form of a story. For starters, I've seen Thoth's Great Library (from the outside) and the place scared me half to stone. And I've never met a berk who's ever claimed he's been inside, and I've met a lot of scholars. Go figure.

When my gnomish friend Kesto Brighteyes happened across this musty tome, he brought it to me right away. Since reading this text, I've been keen to expose the library for what I believe it really is. How it ended up in the Cage is anyone's guess. I've recorded the relevant portions right here in this mimir for your enjoyment. And, just for a bit of fun, I've added a few passages of my own. Did they really happen? Perhaps. But as usual, I cannot prove a word...

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Magnum Opus

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