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The Cellar of Dark Secrets

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Deep beneath the streets of the Lady's Ward broods my Cellar of Dark Secrets. It's a grim place, full of the memories of deeds best forgotten. The black marble floor it cracked and pitted, and the rusty iron smell of ancient blood hangs heavy in the air. The rumble you can hear is from the bowels of Sigil herself; we are close to the dabus down here. Mind your head on those cobwebs, cutter; some of them are alive, I think. And don't wander down here on your own. There's a hungry retriever on the prowl somewhere; I never was able to catch the sod.

The chant goes that this expansive cellar was once used by a faction called the Blade of No Return. These cutters had a philosophy rather like a sinister breeding of Dustmen and Signer ideals; some say that the Blade was formed by a Dustman visionary who pulled a bunch of like-minded sods from the faction and created his own splinter group. Anyhap, the Blade believed that it was their duty to bring about the end of the multiverse. To do this, they had to kill every living creature in it. They reckoned, with nothing alive to observe the multiverse, it'd just fold up and end. They said they'd be the last ones alive, and end it all in a glorious suicide by leaping off the Spire together. Gloriously insane, if you ask me.

Well, the chant also goes that they used this here cellar as a base of operations, headquarters in the Cage, execution chamber, and the portals that're scattered around here support this. The Cellar of Dark Tales is connected to several Lower Planes, the Negative Quasi-Elementals and the Negative Energy Plane itself. If the half-barmy explorer Kristias Fireflight is to be believed, there's a portal to the Plane of Fumes down here too. Well, I suppose it'd explain the funny smell...

Anyway, the faction met its own sticky end in the cull the Lady of Pain imposed some six hundred years back...the Blade of No Return were one of the unlucky factions that simply dried up. Good thing, probably. They were as barmy and evil a bunch of berks I've ever known.

I have two exhibits down here at present. The first exposes chant on the Soul Cage, a long-rumoured twin of Sigil herself, gathered from touts and bloods the Great Ring over. Secondly, there's a huge oil painting on the wall there, several copies of old tomes you can browse, and an essay on Baatific History recorded in that rather fierce-looking mimir. Careful; he's been known to bite!

The Soul Cage

Travellers in the city of Sigil often ask why it's called 'the Cage'. The friendlier locals whisper to them of the Lady of Pain's Mazes, and the way she herself seems confined to the streets. Is the merry birdcage a prison for her, or one she herself has constructed? Everyone has their own pet theories on that. But one thing not many bashers know about is a particularly strange effect the Lady's portals have on the burg. Nothing gets in or out of the Cage except by her doorways (unless you fancy jumping off the edge of the ring, that is). So where do the spirits of the dead go? Good question, berk. Much research has gone into this topic over many years, mostly by the Guvners, of course.

I've paid a lot of garnish to glean a few of the rumours, hearsay and (probably) outright lies from touts and other bloods whose 'special interest' lies in this domain. Most were unwilling to talk, at first. I soon persuaded 'em. How? That's my dark, berk!

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The Shame of the Baatezu

Of course, Sigil ain't the only place with a history best forgotten. Everyone's always curious about the fiends (call it a morbid fascination with danger, perhaps), and I'm no exception. When I discovered a tasty scrap of paper in a dead mage's library (don't ask me how he died, the Hardheads never proved a thing) my imagination appetite for more darks was wetted. The following mimir recording is my lecture on the subject. It spans a great sweep of the history of Baator, and explains a lot that's previously been a mystery. If you believe it, of course...
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