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What Makes Modrons Tick?
An essay on modronic mechanics
by Joseph Fourier, Digitalogist, High-up in the Mathematical Institute of the Guvners
Joris Slob)

Fellow researchers,

Ever wondered how the modrons actually worked? Well my wife Julia has made a remarkable discovery.

Julia has made her own invisibility spell with a twist. She called it partial invisibility. It can make parts of living creatures invisible. One can see the practical applications in medical sciences. My wife was also in the possession of a rogue Modron.

It had stopped moving all together, but it still ticked inside. With a stasis field to slow down time to hold the invisibility longer, we were able to strip the modron gear by gear, without disturbing it functions. When we could see the heart gear in the centre of the Modron we released the stasis and watched it's inner workings. We now believe we understand what makes a Modron tick. After careful examination I had to conclude that the heart gear is actually powered by the gears in Mechanus.

I have researched a spell to provide proof for this hypothesis. It is called Wheel of Mechanus. It shows the possibility to tap kinetic energy from mechanus. The second proof is a energy balance. What sort of energy goes into the modron and what comes out? A Modron doesn't need food or drink. It works well in light, doesn't have to be recharged (Even if the great Modron march/recharge nonsense is believed, because rogue Modrons don't do the march and yet they keep functioning) and yet it moves like a normal living entity. The energy must be a magical connection.

Note: The Modron we examined was a Monodrone the most simple Modron in their society. I hope more information will be found about the other Modrons to support an all round theory.

Exceprts from a Krobar's Journal
by KrobartheinfamousgearmanglerofMountNevermind-
-whodilligentlyworkstoimproverepairandotherwise Gnomifymechanicalapparatusses
Ian Hill)

Excerpts from a Krobar's Journal

Day 1

I have worked hard, with many interferences, interruptions, and swindlings, to archive my primary goal of establishing our current location in relation to Mount Nevermind. My first actual, attempt of conversation, although not my first encounter (which consisted of losing 537.3 gold) with the natives began, maintained, and ended with the word "prime". Being a gnome, I inquired of him what he meant by the word "prime", for, as I explained to him a plentiful, and surplus amount of times, I was not first in rank, dignity, value, importance, order, or time, CERTAINLY not primitive, and nor an integer divisible by itself and 1.

Finally, I was given a small gear, not very accurately shaped and made of brass, pushed through a large, illuminated portal, and I found myself sitting, or more correctly standing, in a world, at least I assume it is one because I cannot see it's end anywhere near to me, made of large gears. My specialty! I revoked my natural, rarely-lost gnomish dignity, an unnatural occurrence of great phenomenon, event, or catastrophe, and preceded to prance, sing, and commit other kenderish deeds. Then, being exhausted, stressed, and otherwise fatigued I laid down to surrender my consciousness and further the Mt. Nevermind Study of Rapid Eye Movement, Subconscious Visions, and Collected Eye Dust.

Day 17

The Modrons escorted me, politely until the end in which I was briefly made airborne and bruised on my rear, out of the plane of Mechanus. I have a good notion to let lose a hundred, rabid tinker gnomes upon them which have been technologically isolated for week! How was I to know my steam-powered Gnomish Gear-Go-Faster would burst into a large explosion due to the complicated gravitational physics of being set near a vertical adjacent gear? They told me to "Go and make another plane chaotic". Maybe that octopus-headed thing that has been flaunting his superior intellect can help me correct my design...

Wild Mages in Mechanus
by Nexus SilverRing (a well known Xaositect)

Hey, did I ever tell you about the time a bunch of Xaositects wild-mages had enough of Mechanus and wanted to spread chaos there?

No? Well, here's the chant:

My old friend wanted to plant a tree, but I told him to eat first... what? the wild-mages? Oh yeah, sorry...

There was this bunch of Chaosmen wild mages who wanted to spread chaos in Mechanus so they made a plan, I know it sounds silly for Xaositects, but it was pretty simple: go to Mechanus and slay Primus! With Primus dead, none of the cogwheels in Mechanus would turn correctly, thus spreading chaos all over the place!

They've been gone for about two years now, I wonder how they're doing???

The Trading Run
by M'dieran Krel, A Seran Merchanter
D. Garth

Hmm...whhat'ss that? A mimir? didn't tell me ye were gonna do that, berk. That'll cosst extra..(A jingle of coins can be heard)

All right....Mechanuss iss it? Yeah...I'ss been there...real nassty place..all dem Modronss runnin' about...

I'll tell ye about somethin' I ssaw when I wass on a tradin' run there...agess ago, I rememberr...

I wass young, only a few cycless old...and this wass my only thirrd tradin' I ssaid t' mysself...I'll go t' Mechanus...they won't cross me, they're a bunch o' tincans...he he...ah well, I guesss I wass wrong there..

I was ssellin ssome bladess t' ssome o' the residentss o' Mechanus when I ffeel a tap right here on my tentacle here..thiss one..I turn'ss a Modron one o' them ssays t' me.."You hain't allowed t' ssell that hhere, leave now." Sso I did..I didn't want t' causse no trouble, not with all o' them damn cubess around.. I turn around, and I get hhit on the head with.. somethin', I dunno what it wass but it knocked me up good..

Next thing I know, I'm sittin' in ssome kinda cell, a lightblightin' cage! I couldn't believe it...but then I ssaw ssee, I had what I call a "window sseat". I could ssee outside o' the cage..I'll tell ye what I ssaw, cuz I likess ye sso much...

It wass kinda pretty, somethin' one o' them fool Sensates'd like....A shimmerin' column o' one end a cog, the light disappearin' into a grreat big hole in the middle, but not out the other side...there was 27 dark towers on the lower face o' that cog, pointin' in different directionss

On the other end of the column o light, wass a ssphere..a pulssin' and glowin' with energy...I ssaw Modronss a'crawlin all over it... and every 23 hours a jet o' steam covers the cog for about an hour, couldn't ssee no rhyme or reason for the whole thhing a firsst, but I worked it out over the yearss..

After a few weekss o' rottin in that soddin' cage, they let me out..gave me back my skyjammer (minuss my good o' coursse) and ssent me on my way. Now, bein' the curiouss type, I decided to take a better look at the 'Bore', as I callss it....

When I got a closser look, it turned out I'd sseen pretty much all I could o' the bore, jest I saw the towers up close..they had little rods of metal runnin' all over em, every now and then, they glowed, but only a little, then the modronss'd change 'em around...I got kinda bored watchin' Modronss movin' stuff arround, sso I left, but ass I wass turnin' my sskyjammer about, I ssaw the rest of what I call the "Machina Infernalis" -- the infernal machine...

I saw these glowin' delightss jest a'floatin there in the don't think I'm ssome ssoppy leatherhhead, cuz I'm not, but it looked real nice like..

27 cogss, all hhollowed out on the insside like the great cage itsself...each one havin' 12 pyramidss built on the outer edgess....I decided t' get a better look at 'em....

Before I reached 'em however, I ssaw ssomethin' elsse...directly in between whhere the towers on the Bore were pointin' and the Ring Cogs were ssome other cogs...totally dark, obssidian. Each one had smoothh sidess...but on the upper and lower ssurfacess, they wass craggy and rough...but I thhink the Modronss was workin' on that, cuz they wass sswarmin' all over the ssurface o' these dark cogss, chippin', and buffin' the the surfaces, makin' 'em smooth. T' tell the truth, thhey looked kinda like them eye-glassess them humanss wear, only dark...anywayss, there was 27 of 'em each corresspondin' to a Tower and a Ring...

I finally reached the Ringss and took a closer look, cloaked o' coursse by sspellss..hehe..sso the Modronss wouldn't ssee me lookin' at their device...

Again, there was Modronss all over 'em...but they weren't chippin' away at 'em, cuz they shone like anythin', those ringss did. They wass sscribin'! I'm not tryin t' fool ye! Each pyramid had 4 surfaces...eachh ring had 12 pyramids, and there wass 27 ringss. I thhink it's some kinda combination they have to break...once they get all of the ssymbols in the righht placess, and the dark cogss are ssmooth and sshhiny, and those towerss come to life, the "Machina Infernaliss" will come t' life!

But first, they need the 1296 symbol combination.... and they can only try it one by one...the rate they was workin', it takes' em 9 days jest t' carve one symbol, so I think we don't have anythin' t' worry about jesst yet...

Here'ss a bit o' free information....I heard the Tanar'ri lordss iss tryin' t' break into Mechanuss....I think I know whhy, don't you..? The machine'd be a powerrful weapon...might even turn the tide o' the blood war..

Well, ye neverr know....


Copyright 1998 by Jon Winter and credited authors,
gearwork by Belarius, gear spirit by Jeremiah Golden

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