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Spurious Logic Proficiency
(Rogue group, 1 slot, Cha 0)
(by Joshua Jarvis)

A problem that has plagued many a thief in mechanus is that the logical modrons are tough to fast talk. So how does one pull the wool over the eyes of an aware automaton, Especially if you're not well lanned in Guvner logic? Well make it up and make it sound good. The Spurious Logic proficiency is a form of fast talk designed especially for modrons, it usually only works on low-mid ranking ones. The high-ups are way too smart for it and the lower ones are too narrow minded. Spurious logic is basically the ability to make up information that sounds logical but is false. For example....

MODRON: "Halt! it's unlawful to trespass on this sector of the cog of Rotatus without proper authorisation. Stop or you will be apprehended, tried, and executed."

THIEF: "Don't you know the fifth law of planeswalkers passage? It states that any and all who travel the planes long enough will pass through Rotatus."

MODRON: "Very-well, you shall pass while I check the rule .... then you shall be apprehended, tried, and executed for breaking the law."

Law is Chaos is Law
by Puras Ignitus, Son of Flame, Lord of the Flickering Dance
(by Paul Nasrat)
The Outer Planes, what do I care of them? I'm a genasi Son of Flame. You don't get any more real than me. The Outer Planes? Pathetic: All these berks running around trying to show their belief is best. They aren't real, and I can show it. Fire burns truth.

If we just choose two planes, Limbo and Mechanus: They are Nothing. What can you do with them? Nothing. What's more they're the same Nothing. "Planes of Perception": That's what they are not.

Let's listen to what this Mimir says about Limbo and Mechanus:-

"Limbo and Mechanus:-

These planes are diametrically opposed, and their residents care naught for Good or Evil, only absolute Chaos and Law respectively."

Lets face it, you can't get more opposite than Positive and Negative energy. If you put a Xaositect on top of a Guvner they don't cancel out, they remain the sum of the parts. The same you see!

The clueless philosophisers think they're straightforward at first glance, but look again through the fire. Every one of those Guvners will quote axioms and laws until you're roaring mad.

Well one of them told me there's an axiom that says opposites attract, I can understand that - many a time I've been drawn to the water world to cause havoc. Well with these two "planes" it's true. There's more links between 'em than mephits on the plane of steam.

Take for example on a personal level that so called "visionary" Varpar Hogar, who swings between Xaositect and Guvner factions. Those Outer-Planers are so far from the truth that they need to use big words! Just goes to show they're about as different as two ordinal flames.

Why I hear you ask? (Always asking never existing)

The enlightenment's like this, you think you know what law and chaos are - right. Well you are absolutely wrong. True chaos is not just insanity or acting mad, it is real unpredictability. What could be more unpredictable than Limbo being Mechanus...? Nothing really! Well that's what it is, at least some of the time.

Some thought-addled Guvner came out with this:-

"Law and Chaos:

The concepts of Chaos and Law have been well documented and thus as these Planes embody them we can know them. Luckily there are some anomalies which we can exploit..."

(Consolidatio Planarium Verum VI.5)
What? I hear you cry: Face the fire and feel the truth! Same. If chaos is documented, it's not chaos. Chaos is the flickering of the flame, the swing of currents, the explosion of fire. If Limbo was chaotic, it wouldn't just sit happily in a nice ordered map of the planes, between Ysgard and Pandemonium, would it?

I'll illuminate more clearly shall I?

Law and chaos are subjective: They change all the time depending on Primes' perspectives - different cultures=different beliefs. Thus how can a plane ever claim to embody changing concepts? The two I'm considering are the worst: No morals just abstracts. Take the Parodies of Limbo. Mimir...?

"The Parodies:

The Githzerai who live in Limbo are often considered insane, paranoid and have no sense of humour, to say the least. There exists a small sect of them who delight in causing chaotic reactions from factions and races by enraging them with parody. A small number of them even parody themselves by being normal."

Parody ain't chaotic unless it's defined that way, likewise we have in Mechanus the Formulators. Mimir?...

"The Formulators:

The Modrons who live in Mechanus are often considered logical, obsessive and devoid of emotion. There exists a small sect of them who see it their job to formulate all the other factions and races, which results often in enraging them. A subset of the group even analyses itself."

The same... now lets take some places:-

Rudra's Domain - What is a god of disease doing in Mechanus? Moving that's for sure, his realms' off to Limbo to join Agni, Indra et al. Wait a few cycles and watch it slide.

The Heart of Law - Somewhere in Limbo is a cog, perfectly formed of perfect dimension and turning happily. That's what churns the plane up and makes it look "chaotic".

Even if you look at the Modronic march, that's just an excuse for reuniting the two planes. It's a cover up so you don't see the truth. The gears need oiling and they use the chaos soup.

Feel the truth yet, berk?
-- Puras Ignitus
"The illuminating firelord who burns away illusion"

Copyright 1998 by Jon Winter and credited authors,
gearwork by Belarius, gear spirit by Jeremiah Golden

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