Her Serenity, The Lady of Pain


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The True History of Our Serene Lady of Pain

Sounds an unlikely title for a book, don't it, berk? Well, they do say you can pick up all sorts of junk down at the Parted Veil book shop. Kesto Brighteyes was nearly stuck for a moment when I asked him for a tome telling the Real Truth of the Lady. Then he nipped into a back room, and produced this green scaly-hide bound book. Cost me a huge pile of jink, it did.

You'll find your answers in there, cutter," the merry gnome chirped, then skipped away across the book-littered floor. Or maybe the floor was books. Can't say I noticed; I was much too excited with this grimoire.

I get it back somewhere safe, open it up, and find it's full of lies. Or if they're not lies, then they're certainly not truths. Maybe Kesto didn't peel me: the truth could be in here somewhere, I suppose. It's just so cluttered up with addled nonsense that I doubt I'll ever find it.

For what good it'll do you, I'll let you read a few pages. Mind, berk, there's hundreds more. I just lost heart and never read that far...

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You want the Dark on the Lady of Pain? Get real! There ain't no dark, least, none that anyone alive or dead ever knew. Might as well make up your own, for the good it'd do you.

So what's the truth, then? Well, with most things in the Planes, the Truth is whatever you believe it to be. Simple as that.

Believe well, cutter.

A Brief Primer to Her Serenity

This chant is what the Clueless hear when they fall out a portal, a nice little summary of truths that most cutters believe, but even if they are the truth, nothing is ever what it seems.

Common Chant

Those things you can hear about the Lady of Pain just by asking any old bubbed up cutter. Minor theorys that have been spread because, well, those spilling the chant don't end up mazed in the night.

Faction Opinions

The Factions Opinions, suaully with e bent towards there philospohy, but also a healthy respect for the Lady, even with the most chaotic factions. They know who keeps the cage safe so they can have there kergstanza war.

Planewalker Tales

Chant brought to the Cage from outside. Usually by planewalkers who where on some far off plane and found or heard something realted to the Lady. Also word about how different cultures outside Sigil fill about are Lady.

Darker Chant

This is it, the stuff that will get you flayed or throwen into a maze before you can blink. Go no further if you want to stay attached to your skin.

Swinburne's "Dolores"

If you're curious about the poem which may have inspired the central, mysterious figure in Planescape you might like to read this story by Swinburne.

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