GEN CON Photos
by James Hoxsey

Editor's note
James is an long-time convention attendie, and has been gracious enough to share a few of his photos from 1998 with us! You may see more shots on his personal webpage.
A colorful, stone and glass architecture beauty among the foggy streets. No, it's not the Sensate Civic Feasthall, it's the Midwest Express Center, Gen Con's new home!
Of this shot, James says:
"The exterior of the building blends with the interior by taking patterns and designs on the pavement from outside under the glass wall and into the main building. Even the bus stops have funky shapes to them which blend in with the building's style."

The Midwest Express Center is home to many other conferences throughout the year. The building is huge, spanning 2 blocks from Wells to Wisconsin Street.

James says of his photos:

"Each year I go, I try to take pictures to capture the essence of GEN CON®. It is impossible unless I were to spend the entire convention taking pictures. I hope to share some of the sites of the greatest gaming convention in the world and also of downtown Milwaukee. Hopefully this will prompt me to take more pictures in following years."
The city of Milwalkee, like Sigil, is full of interesting, and sometimes gothic, architecture. The City Hall is no exception, and is the inspiration for the Midwest Express Center's aestetic design.
Here is a lovely view of the main entrance to the MWEC from the 2nd floor balcony.
The vaulted halls are filled with the shouts of triumphant gamers, the songs of bards and madrigal singers. Can we sure this isn't the Civic Feasthall? Purhaps the Hall of Geekers?
If the rest of the MWEC suggests the exuberance of the Civic Feasthall, then the Exhibition Hall is close comparison to the Great Market! It might take you a while to find what your looking for, but it's the journey not the destination that's most of the fun!


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