A Mimir @ GenCon!

An Introduction


Mission Statement:

A Mimir@GenCon is dedicated to the coverage of Gen Con '99, the world's largest gaming convention, for Mimir.net. During the three weeks before Gen Con, we will provide a few teasers to get you ready for the convention, including photos, interviews, and maybe a contest or two.

During the actual convention, we will be updating daily DURING the convention, so that we can share each day's treasures with you!

Our coverage, like Mimir.net in general, will focus primarily on topics related to the Planescape setting developed by TSR for the AD&D role-playing game. What you won't see here is news about the Magic tournaments or other CCGs, the Vampire LARPS, or the countless other events that help make Gen Con one of the biggest and best conventions around.


What you will see, however, are interviews of your favorite Planescape designers, artists, authors, and editors; as well as, reports on upcoming products, like Interplay's release of Planescape:Torment. You can be sure we will be digging deep for the latest dark on future products, and the future of Planescape itself, when we attend the Planescape Seminar at Gen Con '99!

Note: Jon Winter, owner of Mimir.net will not be visiting Gen Con this year. Instead he is sending a handful of mimirs with his trusty proxies Nathan and Weidert.

The Midwest Express Center (MWEC) the new home of Gen Con!

OK, that sounds cool, but what is a Mimir?
It is quite possible this is your first visit to Mimir.net, a fansite dedicated to the Planescape setting for AD&D. In which case you should familiarize yourself with the basics and then return here for the latest chant (news) about Planescape's place at Gen Con '99.
Once you are ready to see more:

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The vast spaces of the MWEC will soon be filled with anxious gamers!


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