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Greeting Cutters! Welcome to our Diary Page! Here you may find our personal thoughts, opinions and experiences of anticipating, enjoying, and attending the Gen Con Game Fair.

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Friday 8/6 -

Well, despite my wicked hang-over from last night's bubbing, I've managed to have another great day. Meeting Ken Lipka was great, and we plan on actually role-playing tonight. Huh, imagine that, gaming at a convention!

TSR has sold over 10,000 copies of "Against the Giants" 2nd Edition revision. There are certainly more people here than last year, the halls are thick with gamers.

The best news I've heard concerning 3rd Edition, is the pending release of Neverwinter Nights, with a 3rd role-playing engine designed by Bioware that will create a real role-playing simulation! Yes, you get to create worlds, missions, dialogs and NPCs whole cloth, as well as useing templates. You play a character with other players over the net, while one person is the DM, and has absolute control over the environment!

I'm sorry if our coverage seems slow, but there is so much distraction, it's difficult to get back to the hotel to update.

Bear with us, we may have even more info after sunday even.

Oh and if you are wondering where Weidert is...well, this is his first Con, so he deserves to have fun...we're sure to hear more from him, as soon as I find him at the brewery...

Thursday 8/5 -NIGHT

Well, I can't say I've had a better day or night at GenCon! Jonathan and I were treated to some great company at the GenCon Block party tonight! Hanging with the fine ladies of the WoTC PR department was a real treat! Thanks to Jenny, Vera, Jodi for the funky good time. Oh, and cheers to Liz, of WoTC's electronical media department, my guide to all things 70's. Thanks for the password to the Safehouse!

In case you don't know, every Con, Kilbourne street is closed off and a party commences. This year no bands played (last year They Might Be Giants visited, the year before, Violent Femmes) but an even better time was had when we all shook our booties to fresh 70's funk. Oh, ya and the Black Isle boys were there, whose apparent motto is "We are Black Isle. We do not dance. It is such a silly thing." But they are mean players of shuffleboard!

Thursday 8/5 -

The Convention has begun. It is now 4PM our time, and I have FINALLY had a chance to upload! Talkcity.com has tied up all the phone lines at the Con, and I have had to come back to the hotel to do this update.

I'm running on very little sleep, and this cold is starting to kick in, but this promises to be the best Con yet. I've already met Michele Carter, Chris Perkins, and had a brief role-playing session with Monte Cook. The folks from Black Isle have promised us some cool stuff, so you'd better get your entry in for the contest 'cause we are gonna share!

We have more photos in the works, maybe up later tonight.

Sunday 8/1 -

Look forward to more updates here as we roll into the final stretch. Wednesday we will begin our journey north, a good 6 hours on the road. Maybe we can get some good skyline shots of Chicago on our way.

A curious soul asked me what it is like meeting the various designers and staff of TSR. They are often incredibly friendly and outgoing folk. They are, often, fellows just like you and me, only they get paid for their hobby.

A case in point is Chris Perkins, editor of Dungeon Adventures and designer for Warriors of Heaven. He published 22 adventures in Dungeon, and then got invited to a job at TSR. A dream come true for him (and would be for many other's I'm sure!) On top of this he is a very friendly fellow. You can find out more about him in an e-mail interview.

Friday 7/30 -

Five days until we hit Milwaukee and GenCon! Hate to brag, but Weidert and I will be living it up at the GenCon Block Party on Thursday night. It's the time when the big industry and media folk rub elbows. Hope they don't mind us bringing our pet Slaadi! Speaking of, check out the Name that Slaadi Contest!

BBQ, volleyball, and 70's funk! Hopefully we'll have a few photos to share with you!

Tuesday 7/20 -

The site is launched! Along with launching our Mimir.net@GenCon site, the Mimir.net has got a new face-lift!

I am constantly amazed at the quality of work that Jon Winter and Jeremiah turn out. Kudos to them!

Monday 7/16 -

Many Moons have past, but finally all is falling into place! Soon Jon shall make our little secret known to the Multiverse! My only disappointment is that Wizards have failed to get back to me after promising me a pre-convention interview...well, as the Takers say: "we make our own fate, so don't get left empty handed." Guess I'll start my own interrogations :-)

As a side note, these pages are constructed with the help of Macromedia's Dreamweaver 2.0, and if you have the chance to pick up the educational version do so, it rocks!

Monday 5/30 -

Uploaded the pages to the Mimir.

Friday 5/7 -

Weidert is on his way over to take a look at my web design, if you are reading this, it is because he gave me the thumbs up.

Tuesday 5/4 -

Got the web page design under way.

A big thanks goes out to Jon for his encouragement, Jeremiah for his suggestions and graphics, and my cohort Weidert for the free coffee at gaming sessions.

This idea was started last August, hours after Gen Con 98. My pal Daniel McDeavitt got a press pass to Gen Con, and wrote an on-line article for the Xena fansite Whoosh! So I ask why not the same for the Mimir.net? No, not about Xena, silly!

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Tuesday 7/20 -

Nathan here, actually. You haven't heard from Weidert 'cause he's busy doing summer school. But once he gets his priorities straight, you'll see lots more of him around here. He'll be dishing out photos for you, as soon as he gets them from our Slaadi mascot and cameraman. For now content yourself with his rave about Planescape: Torment.

Saturday 5/8 -

Boy that Nathan is industrious! And the best web-designer in the world! No really, this is me, Nathan would never type in my area, honest!

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