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After reading the reports and interviews, did you begin to wonder just who us berks were, anyway? Look no further, cutter! Below, you will find out more then you ever wanted to know about the two sods Jon has unleased on the unwitting folk of Gen Con '99!

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The Cullers:

State your name, age and occupation, for the record.

Jonathan Weidert, and I'm a nineteen-year-old sophomore attending Indiana University.

How did you get involved in this escapade?

At first I thought it was for the fame, fortune and women, but then I realized that it's mostly because I want to get out of Indiana for a weekend.

When did you start role-playing?

About the same time I started middle school. And who can blame me really? I mean you spend a day with a bunch of mean-spirited 13-year-olds and see if you turn to some form of escapism.

When was your first GEN CON?

Well, actually, this is my first GEN CON. I'd criticize the interview writer for asking me such a dumb question, but I'm writing this interview, so let's just keep things moving, eh?

What brought you to the Planescape setting?

Well, I thought it was the fame, fortune and women, 'er, wait, I already used that one. Ok, actually I really like the sharp edge and mysterious tone the setting brings to a campaign. The illustration of Erin Montgomeryby DiTerlizzi in the PS boxed set didn't especially hurt either.

What is the secret of the Multiverse?

Well, I'm not certain, but I'm going to find it by subjecting myself to an eight hour Backstreet Boys marathon. That kind of torture should be able to bring enlightenment to anyone.

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Your full name, for the record?

Nathan "gnome-lover" Letsinger. But known to my fans as Captain Intripid. :-)

Why are you doing this?

Masochism, pure and simple. Oh, and a gratified ego, that too.

When did you start this hobby?

I started DMing in 4th grade, let's see, that would be at 11 yrs old. I'm 27 now. My father said I'd grow out of it. Gary Gygax's father probably told him that too: "You're too old for that fantasy stuff!"

When was your first GEN CON?

That was 1997, the last year it was held in the old convention center. I had a great time! That's mostly due to my good friends, especialy Randy Nichols, whom introduced me to both Planescape and GEN CON. Thanks Randy!

When did you start playing Planescape?

Well, I stopped playing AD&D in 1991, and moved on to other RPGs. Randy introduced me to PS in 96, and an obsession was born!

What, for you, is the appeal of playing in the Planescape Campaign Setting?

Ah, well you see, I got my B.A. in Philosophy...had to put it to use some way!
Now where did I leave my club?

Honestly, I haven't seen a TSR game with greater variety, mature development, and story-telling potential in a fantasy setting.

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Copyright 1999, Nathan Letsinger and Jonathan Weidert. Graphics by Jeremiah Golden.