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Philosophy by Numbers

Philosophy By Numbers

You might have seen those "painting by numbers" teachers, who'll show a budding artist how to do hue, tone and shadow by numbering colours and writing the right number in the right place. Well, that works for philosophy too. This is a set of factioneers' musings on their own beliefs, which you can use as these numbers. When you read something that causes a stirring deep down inside -- a revelation of your own personal truth, perhaps -- then you've more than likely discovered the faction for you.

If none of 'em do that, you're either a terminal clueless, or a true visionary. Go find your own belief, whatever it may be!

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The Politics of Anarchy

A philosopher anarchist reveals that there is a purpose behind the anarchic;
though Julius the Symmetrical, as ever, finds the cracks in the veneer.

Finding Sense in Chaos

Ever wondered if there was any method behind the faction's madness?
Well, a semiologist factioneer named Zoaster would like to set you straight: There is.

Reflections of the Infinite

The multiverse is a canvas on which a Signer paints her thoughts,
a mirror in which they can be seen...

Teetering on the Brink of Life and Death

A macabre tale of one of the Dead,
who explains the Way Things Are to his Cadaverous charges.

Peering into the Depths of Pointlessness

A Bleaker gives us a Glimpse of his Final Solution;
not that you'll find it much Comfort

If I Had a Hammer

Philosophy from the factory floor, as a verbeeg overseer explains
how what the Believers' really believe relates to her work

A Godsman's Perspective

A talkative barkeep Recruiter explains how the other Factions
might not realise it (or like it), but are but Climbing a Common Ladder

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