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Being a collection of Essays
on the
Subject of the Planes

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Voila Says:

Voila!Knowledge is Power, Cutter

And there's few better ways get your knowledge than from the mouths of sages and philosophers who spend all of their time espousing it, is there? On the scholar mimir I've recorded some of the more pertinent essays that I've happened across; speeches on the nature of thought, the stuff of which the planes is made, and the like. If you like to think, you'll enjoy 'em I think.

All you need to do now is choose your poison. What's it to be, cutter?

The Ecology of the Succubus and the Erinyes

Being an Examination of the Fiends to Reveal their Complex and Sinister Schemes.

The Mutable Ethereal

Being a Study of the fickle Nature of the Border Ethereal

Physique Atomique

Being an Essay Detailing an Atomic Theory of the Elemental Planes

Planes of Contradiction

Being a Symmetrical Survey of the Myriad Beliefs and Bigotries of the Planes

Sources of Power

Being an Exploration of the Nature of Divinity on the Planes

The Wild Hunt

Being a Survey of the Myth and Fact surrounding the Celtic Wild Hunt

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Copyright 1999 by Jon Winter

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