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Barmy to the Spire



Warning: Portals, old links, and other such holes in time space are at the Lady's whim, possibly closing, breaking, or popping out Slaad without notice.

Barminess of Year Two

First Week. The frightening I Worship the Lady Fan Club holds a meeting and survives, and the Creation Myth of the Gears of Mechanus, may they always twirl barmily.
Second Week. The incarnation of boredom and a mass of sheep are found in the valley of Sleepy Gloom, the very bizarre Philosophical Assassins gibber on about philosophy, and why the Celestial Etheroscope is a very barmy device. 
Third Week. The mysterious Ütainfo of Arborea and their art of shaping erosion, plus at long last a Story Time that can be summed up in one word "Croak".
Fourth Week. The sticky and barmy Carceran Confectionary is given a good seeing to, and the sweet song of the Harp of Conchordant Opposition is not heard.

First Week. The silly Mephiteer summons up some barminess, we find out exactly why the barmy Orb of Day and Night is made of cheese, and the Sensaesthetics try and stuff everything together for the truest sensationalism.
Second Week. The true chant on the Monsters of little bedtime Legends, sure to make barmies sift off to sleep and drool and their pillows.
Third Week. Barmy to the Spire turns a whole one year old, now to master this crawling thing and perfect drooling. Also this week, Boggling Infinity takes a look at Miss Gabrielle's Horn and the barmy burg Element of a Dream brings the dream of showers to us barmies.
Fourth Week. The Yochlol, handmaidens of the abyss, get a nod and a sob of angust in a hanky in this weeks barmy spotlight.

First Week. A week without barminess. Now, now, don't sniffle. Here's a hanky, there now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Anyway, it's traditional.
Second Week. The barmy philosophical debate of a gnome and kobold finally makes its way to the spire, the strange Hodge-Podge's Flying Circus as seen by a little cutter, and the swirling pebbles of the Rainbow-like River.
Third Week. A tribute to the often overlooked rusty green texture, and it's true barmy significance to every one and not just slaadi with paint buckets.
Fourth Week. Nothing. Naught. Zippo. It's sounding empty, berk, have some fuzz.

First Week. The-Gleam-of-Glitter is a cutter with more patience then a barmy waiting for porridge, The Birdcage finally unravels a mystery of Sigil, and A Happening in the Abyss recounts a tale.


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