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Barmy to the Spire


Third Market of Retributus

March 16th, 1999


We here at the Spire always like a good joke, even a bad joke really, or a neutral one, best not be be prejudiced to the alignment variations of the Multiverse eh? Less chance of getting your arms ripped off or turned into some squirming thing in the depths of Baator. With that in mind, a few joke for you out there:

"Why did the Bleaker not write to his mother?"
"Because his pen had no point!"
- as submitted by a bleaknik jokster

"Why did the Sinker walk down the road?"
"Because he wanted to wear it out!"
- as submitted by an anonymous power of humor

"Why did the Dabus wait on the corner of Brandy Lane?"
"He was waiting for da bus!"
- as submitted by O'Grot Elgnuj, deceased

Amusing eh? I almost went mad laughing so hard! What's that my pet cloud? Ah, no, I can't come play with you yet, I'm talking to these nice people. Now, I'm quite interested if any of you at there have some Planescape jokes to share? Full credit to you of course, if you want it, might be amusing to see you without your arms eh? Anyway, send it in, will give our old astral streaker Fredrick a chance to beat his ol' wings.

Third Lady of Retributus

March 15th, 1999


Well, sadly, a week goes by here at BttS without any news, which I can only blame myself, that's what I get for playing chess with a Rilmani. Bloody berks think that a good game is when nobody manages to win. I do hope he manages to dislodge that rook from his, well, lets not discuss that eh? The good news is that during his turns as he tried to counter-balance all my moves, I managed to play around with CGI (also known as Canoloth Gehenna Interception). This will hopefully allow for more people to post then myself, making for even more barmyness then before!


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